This Husband Accidentally Gave Away His Wife's Beloved Judy Blume Book

I reckon a husband is rather useful to have around, until, of course, he accidentally gives away your beloved copy of Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret by putting it in a box on the curb, not realizing its sentimental value.

That misfortune recently befell one New York wife, whose remorseful hubby is now on the hunt for the missing tome. He posted this earnest flyer in Greenpoint with the hope of redemption:

"I accidentally gave this book away on Saturday July 25th in a box on the corner of of Green and Franklin Streets in Greenpoint. The book is extremely important to my wife. It was a keepsake from her mother and is irreplaceable. On the inside cover is a note that reads "Christmas 1991." If you happened to pick up this book can you please get in touch with me."

Greenpoint BUSTies, be on the lookout!

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Even Blockbuster Romance Authors Are Frequently "Belittled"

A new study indicates shame and embarrassment are common emotions in the field—composed of more than 90 percent women—simply because romance novels are seen as silly trash for women.

Despite romance novelists’ hard work and dedication to their craft, it seems this negative reputation is here to stay. According to sociologists Jennifer Lois and Joanna Gregson, “The genre is written by women, for women, about women – and that’s where the stigma comes from.”

It’s unfortunate for these writers to deal with backlash despite being highly successful amongst the target audience. This leads to shame on the reader’s side, as well. According to an article published by The New York Times, readers will use covers to hide what they are reading or download the novels on Kindle.

Why should a woman feel ashamed to read something that brings her enjoyment? The Romance Writers of America non-profit believes it’s because the formula doesn’t allow enough creativity – romance novelists are printing multiple books a year, and this process takes the originality out of the equation.

Still yet, novels of the same print caliber but different genre aren’t receiving the same kind of backlash. Gregson says, “Romance writers say they’re often asked intrusive questions about their own sex lives and their research methods. Nobody assumes that men who write mystery do research by killing people. You would never ask a Sci-Fi writer if they build robots, if they go to outer space. Women are assumed to write only what they know.”

Most recently, the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy by E.L. James has received more favorable reviews than not – it poses the question: how does a romance novel become something positive in society?

Gregson and Lois explore the topic in more depth through their article, “Romance Writers and Gendered Sexual Stigma.” A full, free copy of the text is available on Sage Journals.

Why do you think our society frowns upon romance novels?

Original article via The New York Times.

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Chloe Sevigny's New Zine Features Snapshots Of Her Exes

It’ll be easier than ever to pretend that Chloe Sevigny is your real life BFF with her new 'zine, “No Time For Love.” A collection of photos of the men in her life, “No Time For Love” features Polaroids and photo booth snapshots (and lots of stickers, to protect the boys’ anonymity, and because stickers are great). “We wanted it to be more like me in my real life, who I really am… we wanted it to be something more real,” Sevigny said of the book in an interview with Style.

Sevigny, now 40, sees the 'zine as as a compilation of images that represent her work through time, stating “[It is] me as a person and a career that I’ve honed and developed over the years through fashion, film, and art.” As far as careers go, Sevigny’s has been—and will continue to be—unfailingly, unflappably cool. We can’t wait to get our hands on her book!

“No Time For Love” will be released June 17 (tomorrow!) through Innen Zines. Check out the preview below.




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Librarians Saved Gloria Steinem's Life (And She's Not Alone)

Anyone who knows me is aware that both Gloria Steinem and public libraries are two of my absolute favorite thing/people on the planet, so it was awesome to hear that she spoke at the American Library Association's Annual Conference this weekend. Steinem wasn’t only there because she’s an acclaimed author (with a new book coming out soon!)— She also loves libraries and librarians.

“I think your profession is the greatest profession on earth," she said in her speech, according to Publishers Weekly. "I really do want to emphasize, in case you’re feeling unappreciated, how important your role is. I’m here to make you not humble. You democratize knowledge. Nothing on earth is more important.”

I couldn’t agree more. Libraries are so central to all communities and provide so many resources for the people in them. When someone claims libraries are going to go obsolete because people don’t read paper books, they obviously haven’t stopped by their local library in a while. PSA: At libraries, you can borrow basically any book, CD, or DVD you want FOR FREE. With a (free) card, you can attend (free) educational or entertainment programs, use (free) wi-fi, computers, and often Kindles. You can also often bring the kids in your life to a (free) place to play. Libraries are one of the few places that accept anyone. They “democratize knowledge”—Steinem couldn’t have said it better.

Libraries fed my ravenous appetite for all kinds of books and provided me with both my first volunteering opportunities and my first paying job. When my best friend Cate and I served as the liaisons between our high school and the library, we learned community organizing tools that I’ve applied in countless other situations. This would be impossible without the women (and in my library, it was always all women) that served as teachers, mentors, colleagues, and friends for my budding mind.

“It is true for me, as for so many countless others, that librarians saved my life, my internal life,” Steinem said. Truer words are seldom spoken.

Having fun isn't hard when you've got a library card!  

Image via ALA Cognotes, Video via PBS


It's Happening: Gloria Steinem is Releasing a New Book

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It's Happening: Gloria Steinem is Releasing a New Book

Image courtesy of Random House

I once sat on Gloria Steinem’s floor (more specifically, on one of her floor pillows). I won’t tell you the circumstances under which this happened because I have been sworn to secrecy, but rest assured: Her apartment is everything you’d imagine it to be. The walls are lined with books, many of them memoirs of those luminaries she calls friends.

But enough small talk. Stop everything else you’re doing. We need to chat about Steinem’s forthcoming book, My Life on the Road, the first she’s published in two decades. My Life, which drops October 27th (mark those calendars!), is going to tell you all about befriending those iconic heroes, the unlikely lessons they taught her, and the travels Steinem had along the way.

We're panting with excitement. Can you hear it?

In celebration of this delightful piece of news, let’s reflect on some of Steinem’s earlier books ­– nearly all of them landmark works in their own right. There’s her biography of Marilyn Monroe (aka Norma Jean). 

Image Courtesy of Open Road Media

Then there's “Moving Beyond Words,” her insightful collection of personal essays and the quintessential feminist manifesto that is “Revolution from Within." 

Image courtesy of Open Road Media

And of course, her tome on activism “Outrageous Acts and Everyday Rebellions” in which she notably discussed the enlightening experience that was working as a Playboy bunny. And don’t forget all the issues of Ms. Magazine she’s overseen. The woman is a publishing mogul, in addition to a historic activist/all-around fabulous lady.

Image courtesy of Open Road Media 

 Needless to say, this new release stands to be another instant favorite. So, really, why not pre-order?