Remember how stoked you’d get on the scent of Crayolas, or how happy cracking open a brand-new coloring book could make you feel? Well, it’s time to revisit this pastime of yore. Whether you want to indulge your OCD tendencies by penciling in a complex pattern, or simply zone out for a bit with a meditative marker sesh, there are now tons of coloring books out there designed for adults to enjoy. Dawn Finley, who hosts a monthly coloring event at the Women’s Center for Creative Work in Los Angeles, shared 5 of her favorite titles for tinting, and we added a couple of our own.
“the thing about writing is / i can’t tell if it’s healing / or destroying me,” Rupi Kaur writes in her debut book of poetry, Milk and Honey. It’s a complete poem in its own - one of many micro-poems in the book, shorter than tweets but packed with power.

5 Ways Your Curves Are Benefiting Your Body

BY Kellie Galentine IN Books ON November 10, 2015

Hating on our curves is something that is both easy and demoralizing. But maybe we are letting unrealistic beauty norms poison our thoughts toward bodies built for survival. Curvology: The Origins and Power of Female Body Shape, by David Bainbridge, is a book that ventures to explain the “how” and the “why” of the shape of women’s bodies. Bainbridge, a trained veterinarian and zoologist, writes directly in the introduction that humans are the only species in existence with curvy females. The book is divided into three parts: The Body, the Mind and the World.

Chef Rossi’s New Foodie Memoir Is Mouth-Watering

BY BUST Magazine IN Books ON November 10, 2015

As BUST's beloved Eat Me columnist, Chef Rossi has been schooling us on everything from poached eggs to tuna tartare for more than 16 years, and always with a dash of humor. But those with heartier reading appetites can now devour The Raging Skillet: The True Life Story of Chef Rossi, her juicy memoir about growing up, becoming a chef, and working as New York’s most unconventional wedding caterer.

15 Times J.K. Rowling Proved She's A Badass

BY Taia Handlin IN Books ON November 09, 2015

Bringing the world Harry Potter is one of many contributions JK Rowling has made to the world. Her storytelling, her characters, her philanthropy and political activism, her dry-yet-biting wit, are all reasons why, in my humble opinion, JK Rowling is one of the greatest humans on the planet. The following are just 15 of the many: 1. That time she made this misogynistic Serena Williams-hater go sit in the corner: After tweeting her support of Williams, Rowling received this reply: To which she brilliantly replied: 2.

You Have To See These 'Shake Cats' In Action

BY Jenavieve Hatch IN Books ON October 28, 2015

After the success of photographer Carli Davidson’s Shake Puppies, she’s followed up with the ultimate crazy cat lady gift, her new book of cat photographs, Shake Cats.

5 Scary Short Stories By Badass Women Writers

BY Olivia Harrison IN Books ON October 27, 2015

Just in time for Halloween, we're sharing some truly twisted, super spooky, and ultra unsettling short stories from five total-badass women writers. Step aside Edgar Allan Poe. Watch out HP Lovecraft. This time, it's the ladies that are giving us the chills and totally freaking us out.  1. "The Bloody Chamber"by Angela Carter This story originally appeared in Carter's 1979 book of short stories of the same name. All the stories in the collection are based on fairytales, but also explore deep-feminist themes.
The first time I saw Carrie Brownstein perform, her band, Sleater-Kinney, and my band, Sonic Youth, were both playing the 1997 Bumbershoot festival in Seattle. Watching her on stage, with her flying mop of hair and long arms windmilling in the style of Pete Townshend, I was riveted by her willingness to give it all to the moment. Backstage, her mom told me that Carrie had grown up watching videos of the Who.

Cheryl Strayed Is 'Brave Enough': Our 10 Favorite Quotes

BY Jenavieve Hatch IN Books ON October 27, 2015

  For Christmas 2013, my parents gave me and my two sisters each a copy of Tiny Beautiful Things: Advice on Love and Life from Dear Sugar. My relationship with Cheryl Strayed went from “Yeah, I’ve heard of Wild but haven’t gotten around to reading it yet” to “Leave me alone, I’m reading Cheryl Strayed and I can’t stop so please get out of here.” I have spent countless hours and days completely submerged in her world and in her writing, for the very precious reason that she’s let so many people do so.

5 Ways To Embrace Your Inner Superhero - Without A Cape

BY Kellie Galentine IN Books ON October 26, 2015

Superhero stories have many common tropes: Intricate origin story, weaknesses, strengths, complex relationships and usually a key attribute that makes them identifiable. Minus the capes and the X-ray vision, this description sounds a little bit like you, doesn’t it? Emily V. Gordon thinks so too, which is why her book Super You is jam packed with comic book references that make so much sense, you hardly remember you’re reading a self-help book.