Nipples Without Genders

By Rafaella Gunz  In Feminism  On Jan 20, 2017

We’re all aware of Instagram’s ridiculous policies about what constitutes “pornography.” Such as when they deleted poet Rupi Kaur’s photo of her laying - fully clothed - but with period blood on her pants. More commonly, social media sites delete photos of women breastfeeding, women with mastectomies, and even pictures of breasts in artwork. Because of this, since 2012, the #FreeTheNipple movement has gained a lot of momentum. Looking to desexualize the female nipple, many celebrities including Miley Cyrus and Rihanna,… Read more

5 Ways To Eat Your Feelings With Cheese

By Jen Pitt  In Eat Me  On Jan 20, 2017

Poster from @isntfuctionart If ever there was a day to eat your feelings, today is it. In honor of #NATIONALCHEEESEDAY, here is some food that won't fix anything, but might just make the pain go away for a bit. Mac 'n' Cheese, what can I say, gooey all over, golden and silky smooth. It has the carbs that cradle your stomach and the cheese that tells your brain everything is going to be okay, because as studies show, cheese induces the same effects as heroin. Image via @macncheeseparty Nachos, my number one. The food… Read more
Watch the lovely ladies of Broad City react to the T***P Inauguration. It’s just the dark humor we need to keep up our strength to resist this new administration! And don’t forget to enter our contest for your chance to win Season 3 of Broad City on DVD - plus a $100 giftcard! Read more

The Mynabird's Laura Burhenn Takes on Rape Culture

By Samantha Mercado  In Music  On Jan 20, 2017

Rape culture in our society has isn't anything new but with the rising hate speech during the presidential campaign and the election of the obviously sexist Donald Trump, it seems like our nation is complacent about the awful things being said and done to women. One artist in particular is taking on the fight against rape culture through the power of music. Laura Burhenn of The Mynabirds has announced her visual art protest titled “I Know Why I Sing” which doubles as a fundraiser for the Rape Abuse and Incest National… Read more
Here’s some Twitter jokes that I have collected and arranged just for you in order to help get you through the rest of your work shift. If you’re looking to see some live comedy while simultaneously supporting the ACLU, look to see if your city is participating in the What A Joke Comedy Festival! Two comedians from the NYC stand-up scene (Emily Winter and Jenn Welch) have put together a nationwide festival with stellar lineups all around the country. “In response to our President-elect’s repeated threats on our human… Read more

This Is Why I March

By Lindsay Combs  In Feminism  On Jan 20, 2017

This weekend. I will be one of thousands participating in the Women’s March in DC. Sister marches are planned in over 600 cities around the world: a movement mobilized by our shared grief arising from the outcome of this year’s US Presidential Election.Leading to this moment, our lives have taken place during the greatest period in human history, and yet still our intersectional experiences have been fraught with discrimination, objectification and violence.Until now too many of us believed these problems too big and… Read more
While several Democrat politicians, such as Congressman John Lewis, have firmly said that they will not be attending Trump’s inauguration in protest, many more say they’ll miss the ceremony for “other reasons." Sure, it might be freezing in Washington, and parking is gonna be a nightmare (or not), but some of these flimsy excuses seem more like thinly veiled middle-fingers to Trump’s big day. 1.Peter DeFazioThe Senator from Oregon says he always avoids “pomp and circumstance events in Washington," but we’re guessing… Read more

BDSM 101: A Safe, Consensual (And Fun) Guide

By BUST Magazine  In Sex  On Jan 20, 2017

In BUST's column, sexologist Dr. Carol Queen takes on getting rough in bed. My boyfriend and I have been dating for five months. We both have healthy libidos, and our sex is pretty steamy, but I’d like to spice it up a bit. I know he likes it rough, and he talks dirty to me when I go down on him. My only trouble is feeling comfortable talking — and acting — rough back. It feels too contrived. I want to turn him on and am open to being dominant, but I’m not sure how to start. Any suggestions for building BDSM… Read more
ICYMI, last week Vice President-elect (soon to be just Vice-President *gulp*) Mike Pence posted on Facebook encouraging people to register for tickets to the Inauguration. The good people of Facebook had a few better ideas. Like, taking advantage of their slowly diminishing rights to birth control. Or watching a talented, intelligent, Oscar-winning actress. And the classic, sticking pins in their eyes. Looking for something to do right now? Why not try out the following: Maybe that's what the 66 Democratic members of… Read more
You think being a director in Hollywood is hard? Try making a film in a country which has little interest in women in general, no film industry, or movie theaters. That’s what Haifaa al-Mansour, a Saudi Arabian, faced when she decided to make films. In addition, Saudi Arabia’s sharia law places restrictions on women, but al-Mansour made her first feature film, Wadjda, within the confines of her government’s laws and strict censorship. It was the first Best Foreign Language Film entry to the Academy Awards from Saudi… Read more

Disability Activists Launch A Virtual Women's March On Washington

By Samantha Mercado  In Feminism  On Jan 20, 2017

For many women, the upcoming Women’s March on Washington is an important way for them to let the incoming administration know that they will not have their voices or their rights silenced. But what about those with disabilities? The Trump campaign made odious remarks about women and women’s healthcare, but they also targeted people with disabilities. Many women with disabilities feel they too have the right to voice their opposition to the new administration, but are often excluded from these popular protests. Via… Read more

Republican Men Believe Women Have It Easier Than Men

By Rachel Withers  In Feminism  On Jan 19, 2017

Image via PerryUndem report Poor men. It must be so hard being the oppressed sex. The New York Times reported this week on the results of a national survey by PerryUndem. The good news is that 93 percent of Americans believe women deserve to be treated equally (who are you, other 7 percent??). But the report also showed that men underestimate the extent to which women are made to feel unequal in society. But the statistic that will really make you grind your teeth? Republican men think women have it easier. Only 41… Read more
Diners lunching at the Trump International Hotel in Manhattan on Sunday got a sneak peek at what a post-Affordable Care Act America may look like. Mid-sitting, a number of their fellow diners starting coughing, loudly and incessantly, filling the room with the awful sounds of sickness, before revealing signs saying "WE NEED OBAMA CARE" and "TRUMPCARE MAKES US SICK." The, ahem, “cough-in” was organized on Facebook by activist group Rise & Resist, to take aim at Trump and the GOP for making moves to repeal the Affordable… Read more

There was a Queer Dance Party with a Message for Daddy Pence

By Samantha Mercado  In Feminism  On Jan 19, 2017

You should do one thing every day to make yourself smile. Today, you should google "Mike Pence Queer Dance Party"— I guarantee you won’t be able to keep from smiling. Armed with the fierce tunes of Lady Gaga and Whitney Houston, protesters danced their way to Vice President-elect Mike Pence’s temporary home. Donned in glitter, tutus and party hats, the crowd held rainbow flags and glow sticks. The march was organized by WERK for Peace and #DisruptJ20. The leader and one of the organizers of the march, Firas Nasr, had a… Read more

Goodbye, President Hillary

By Rachel Withers  In Feminism  On Jan 19, 2017

As the country says its goodbyes to President Obama and reflects on his legacy, I am this week saying my own goodbye: not to President Obama, but to the idea of President Hillary Rodham Clinton. Like many others in the New York bubble, I was in no way prepared for the outcome on November 8. “You know what’s great?” I would declare. “In 100 years, Hillary will be the President Clinton history remembers most clearly, not Bill.” And so I have spent a good deal of the last two months balancing coming to terms with the… Read more

3 Posters For The Women's March On Washington

By Erika W. Smith  In Feminism  On Jan 19, 2017

BUST will be joining the Women's March on Washington this Saturday, January 21st, and we hope to see some of you there! If you can't make it to DC, there will be many sister marches around the world, in every state in the US and in countries from Albania to New Zealand. We're bringing you three posters to print out and carry wherever you march — the Nasty Women poster is designed by Mike Perry, and the other two posters come straight from the BUST office. Tell Trump how you really feel! BUST will be at the Women's… Read more

These 7 Powerful Videos Show How People Are Preparing For Trump

By Maura Friedman  In Arts  On Jan 19, 2017

Every four years America hangs suspended between "This is what our President Elect said he'd do" and "This is what President Elect will actually do" for the weeks between election and inauguration. But between chants of “not my president” at protests across the country and calls from politicians to "take a wait and see approach,” people from marginalized groups have been quietly preparing for the possibilities of that a Trump presidency makes good on all, or even some, of its campaign promises. “We’re not having a… Read more
Last weekend I attended a panel about smashing the glass ceiling when something within me clicked. The event took place at New York’s latest Nasty Women exhibition, in which one of the speakers happened to be Mindy Abovitz, the founder of Tom Tom magazine. As the creator of the only publication solely dedicated to female drummers, Abovitz spoke of the nebulous of power that exists around all of us. You have to take hold of it, she firmly declared to the women in the audience. A few minutes later, I watched her take… Read more

Therapy: There's An App For That

By BUST Magazine  In Living  On Jan 19, 2017

Ditch the couch. Online therapy might be just the virtual support you need. My apartment floor has sprouted a giant crack like a vortex into the underworld, my daughter’s day care will be closed indefinitely for renovations, I’m working on three back-to-back projects as BUST’s events manager, and my narcissistic mom is making for some not-so-happy holidays. This typical barrage of stressors makes having a licensed therapist a necessity. But after trying one-on-one, in-person therapy, I found out there’s an app for… Read more

Women Brewers In Denver Put Social Justice On Tap

By Rebecca DeRosa  In Eat Me  On Jan 19, 2017

While many of us will want to drown our sorrows this Inauguration Day, some people are a little more proactive about it. Kelissa Hieber, head brewer at Goldspot Brewing, and Bess Dougherty, another Denver-based brewer, wanted to push back at the climate of hate and oppression that has been festering anew in the past few months. They organized a group of like-minded women brewers in Denver to concoct Makin’ Noise: A Pussy Riot Beer, which will be tapped on Jan. 20. Donations from the proceeds will go to Planned… Read more
The Trump enterprise (or family) may be rich but they are definitely tacky. We have seen the lavish, glossy spreads of his gold-plated home in the Trump Tower or the birds-eye shots of his Mar a Lago estate in Florida but how do these heirs-turned-reality-TV-show people see the world? Like a playground built for them. While Trump boasts about grabbing women by the pussy, something he can do “because he’s famous.”, Marla Maples, his ex-mistress, tried to score a free hair-do for her and Tiffany for the inauguration.… Read more

6 Photos That Prove Yarn Can Make More Than Just Mittens

By Samantha Mercado  In Arts  On Jan 18, 2017

When you hear the word yarn what comes to mind? Maybe a kitten fiddling with a colorful ball or that sweater that your grandma knit you for Christmas. What about an art exhibit? Artist Courtney Kenny Porto is creating breathtaking feminist art using yarn. The images showcase women in solemn positions using black, white, and gray yarn.The exhibit will be on display at Nebraska's Norfolk Arts Center from January 5 to February 24. Check out some of the pieces on display now and learn more about Courtney Kenny Porto on her… Read more
The 2010 case of Chelsea Manning and the over 750,000 documents and videos that she sent to Wikileaks saw the strange marriage of two issues we don’t normally see side by side: U.S. foreign policy and transgender issues. Seven years later those issues are coming back into the public eye as Obama has just decided to commute Manning’s prison sentence. Originally sentenced to 35 years-- the longest sentence ever imposed by the U.S. for leak conviction-- Manning will now be released May 17, 2017. During her seven years in… Read more

Topless Femen Protester Grabs Trump Waxwork By The Balls

By Aoife Kelly  In Feminism  On Jan 18, 2017

A member of feminist activist group Femen crashed an unveiling ceremony for a new Trump wax figure in Madrid on Tuesday. Shouting “Grab patriarchy by the balls!”, referring to Trump’s infamous “grab ‘em by the pussy" comments, the topless protester grabbed the statue’s crotch before she was dragged by museum staff. Femen, an international women’s rights group known for using nudity in their protests, took credit for the protest on Twitter, tweeting, “We just grabbed him back." via Twitter/@FEMEN_Movement A spokesman… Read more
"Pincause,"founded by couple Kate and Nate, have designed this colorful pin for the Women’s March on Washington, with a percentage of the proceeds going to Planned Parenthood and the ACLU. The pin was designed in partnership with artist Penelope Dullaghan and made in Cleveland, Ohio, and it depicts the American Sign Language sign for "I Love You." Dullaghan says, “Pincause Women’s Rights really hit home for me because I truly believe that compassion and understanding, for ALL people, are the keys to solving many of the… Read more
Spoiler Alert: Yeah, he did. I just wanted to see a movie with my girlfriend. I was looking for ninety-plus minutes to escape the realities of our recent presidential election and enjoy an American pastime with a side of greasy popcorn. What I did not want, let alone expect, as I sat down to view Tom Ford’s Nocturnal Animals was one hour and 57 minutes of squirming in my seat and continuous reminders of the violence and stigma attached to my identified gender. Don’t get me wrong. I saw the trailer. I knew I signed up… Read more
Abortion access is taking another quiet step backward. By the end of the month, Kentucky will be down to only one abortion provider in the entire state, thanks to the closing of the EMW Women’s Clinic in Lexington. The news was announced last Friday in a post on the Kentucky National Organization For Women’s Facebook page after the clinic's six-month legal battle to obtain a state license. The EMW Women’s Clinic called the closing “a permanent casualty” of pro-life governor Matt Bevin. In a Facebook post, the executive… Read more

Fiona Apple Thinks Trump's Tiny Hands Are Criminal

By Jen Pitt  In Feminism  On Jan 18, 2017

Are you excited about the Women's March on Washington on January 21st, but overwhelmed with the resplendent litany of possible chants, rendering you confused about what your message will be? Look no further. Veteran fierce chanteuse Fiona Apple sings a to-the-point ditty composed by Michael Whalen. Over tracks of the president-elect saying “grab them by the pussy," she sings, “We don’t want your tiny hands / anywhere near our underpants.” Accompanied her signature bass piano and Whalen’s beats, the song needs no… Read more
What better way to celebrate Valentine's Day than showing some love to Planned Parenthood? On February 14th, Panache and New York Night Train will be co-hosting their fifth annual Valentine’s Day Planned Parenthood of NYC Benefit Concert & Dance with Village of Love. The benefit will be expanding this year to Los Angeles and Memphis as well as its usual Brooklyn location. Local bands and musicians will perform for the benefit and play some of their favorite love songs for you and your sweetheart to sway to. On top of… Read more

'We The People' Posters Will Flood the March On Washington

By Samantha Mercado  In Arts  On Jan 18, 2017

After gaining fame for his Obama "HOPE" piece, Shepard Fairey is back at it again and this time, he’s supplying posters for the upcoming Women's March on Washington. Using the same colors and style, Fairey collaborated with muralist Jessica Sabogal and political artist Ernesto Yerena to create the posters, which are apart of a project titled “We the People." The project was made in the hopes of flooding public consciousness with the diversity, democracy and shared humanity that make our nation so great.While the… Read more

How We Are Surviving This

By Hannah Matthews  In Feminism  On Jan 18, 2017

The week has arrived. A dude you would most definitely cross the street to avoid were you to see his canary-yellow pouf of candy floss shuffling down the sidewalk toward you, a dude whose damp and tiny fingers are at this very moment typing 140 characters of hateful nonsense that just might get us all killed, a dude who is the reason that women’s self-defense classes — and the ACLU — exist, is about to become our nation’s president. It’s real, you’re awake, let the sweet sounds of Toby Keith’s voice wash over… Read more
Miniature portraits first appeared in England during the 16th century. Small, portable, and easily displayed or concealed on one’s person, their popularity flourished — both in life and in literature. By the 19th century, their presence in romance novels and Gothics was practically de-rigueur. Ann Radcliffe uses miniatures to great effect in several of her novels, including The Mysteries of Udolfo (1794) and The Italian (1797). In the following passage from The Italian, we get a glimpse of the enormous dramatic impact… Read more

Women’s March on Washington Spreads All Over The World

By Rachel Withers  In Blog  On Jan 17, 2017

The locations of all currently announced "sister marches" On January 21, hundreds of thousands of women will be marching on Washington and in sister marches across the country to stand up for women’s rights, sending a clear message to the incoming administration that his shit will not be tolerated. But did you know that women will also be marching in solidarity in cities all over the world? Screenshot from the Women’s March on Washington website; there are 616 “sister marches” and counting, with 55 located outside of… Read more

11 Artworks That Celebrate Angry Women And Fight For The ERA

By Samantha Mercado  In Arts  On Jan 17, 2017

Annika Connor, American Angst Since the election cycle began— and especially since its painful result— women have felt increasingly left behind by our nation and unheard. In response to this turmoil comes a badass exhibit made by and for Angry Women. Our feminist friends over at The Untitled Space will be presenting the group exhibition, UPRISE / ANGRY WOMEN. The exhibition expresses various women artists' responses to the current political climate. The all-female exhibition features 80 contemporary artists and runs… Read more

9 Necessary Tips For Effective Protesting

By BUST Magazine  In Feminism  On Jan 17, 2017

Keep this handy list of guidelines in mind the next time you hit the streets. Arm Yourself with Phone Numbers. Sharpie important digits on your arm. If you’re arrested, you’ll be able to contact your family or a lawyer (e.g. the National Lawyer’s Guild Arrest Hotline, 212-679-6018) without a cellphone. Dress Smart. Wear comfortable shoes. Layer long-sleeve T-shirts to reduce painful exposure to pepper spray or rubber bullets. If you’re going to the front, consider wearing goggles and covering your nose and mouth with a… Read more

Sady Doyle Unpacks The Minds of Women Who Voted For Trump

By Rachel Withers  In Feminism  On Jan 17, 2017

Women who voted for Trump are one of the life’s great mysteries. How could 42% of women (and 53% of white women) vote for a man accused of multiple counts of sexual assault, and caught on tape openly boasting about actually doing so? For a man who had been known to rate women’s appearances on a scale of 1 to 10 and go out of his way to humiliate them? Over the weekend, the New York Times’ Susan Chira attempted to solve it by profiling a range of women across the country about their motives for supporting quite possibly… Read more
In early December, we reported on The Pussyhat Project, and the project has been going increasingly viral ever since. In case you’ve somehow missed hearing about it, the project was launched by a coalition of LA-based knitters with the goal of making over 1 million bright pink, cat-eared pussy hats to wear to the Women’s March On Washington and its sister marches worldwide; they've made a pattern available for free online so as many people as possible can participate. Well, the pussy hats have now gotten so popular that… Read more
Added to the list of offenses for the war on women is a new bill that has just been introduced to Congress that would call for a total abortion ban. Iowa Republican Representative Steve King went to Congress on Thursday with a bill that would effectively ban abortion on the federal level. The bill, named H.R. 490, echoes the legislation of Ohio’s “heartbeat bill, which was struck down by Gov. John Kasich (R). H.R. 490 states that abortions are to be outlawed as soon as a fetal heartbeat is detected — in some cases,… Read more

Watch BUST Cover Girl Rose McGowan’s Short Experimental Film

By Rachel Withers  In Arts  On Jan 17, 2017

Fierce feminist and current BUST cover girl Rose McGowan has released a short film entitled WOMENSWOMB. The haunting clip is based on the plight of Purvi Patel, who was sentenced by an Indiana court to 20 years in prison after inducing her own abortion (the Governor at the time? The one and only Mike Pence). McGowan has premiered the film on Dazed, explaining the work in an accompanying interview. “For Woman's Womb, I actually used some of my own blood, put hydrogen peroxide in it, bubbled it up, filmed it and then had… Read more

To All The Feminist Moms Of Boys — We Need To Talk

By Dena Landon  In Feminism  On Jan 17, 2017

It's been 100 years since first wave feminism, with all its flaws. 70.3% of us are in the workforce. As of the year 2013, 40% of us are the primary breadwinners for our families. Even if not all women identify as feminists, many of us are living out some of feminism' principles. With mothers who work outside the home, cultural and societal shifts, and 25% of households headed by unmarried mothers, it baffles me that men of my generation and younger are still so lacking in basic respect for women and women's rights.… Read more
MA is beautifully surreal experimental film written, directed and performed by choreographer Celia Rowlson-Hall (Pantsuit Nation Flash Mob, GIRLS) that uses gesture and image (no dialogue) to tell the story of one woman’s traumatic pilgrimage of self discovery. Rowlson-Hall invents her very own deeply personal visual language through movement, iconic imagery, and a haunting score (by Brian McOmber) creating a moving and original experience. Think The Virgin Mary goes on a road trip to Las Vegas. At times, the movie… Read more
The organizers of The Women’s March on Washington have a released a four-page “Guiding Vision and Definition of Principles” document, outlining the purpose and motivation of the woman-led movement. The document, prepared by over 20 diverse contributors from various organizations, lists the values guiding the march, takes firm stances on human rights issues ranging from reproductive rights to racial justice to immigration reform, and acknowledges that all of these issues intersect. Despite the recent pushback from some… Read more

Facebook Continues to Cause Harm to Marginalized Groups

By Rafaella Gunz  In Feminism  On Jan 13, 2017

Back in November, Twitter began to ban hate speech by deleting multiple accounts owned by white supremacists, and even threatening to ban president-elect Trump if he violates these hate speech rules. Yet Facebook, another popular social networking site, doesn’t appear to be following Twitter’s lead here. Facebook recently banned Sheri, a 21-year-old woman of color from the UK, for 24 hours for posting a negative review of the Men’s Rights Activist (MRA) documentary, The Red Pill. This happened before the holidays when… Read more
A Change.org petition calling for Russia to implement stronger, not weaker, domestic violence laws As women’s rights activists around the word inch slowly closer to properly addressing and combating domestic violence, Russia just took a step in the opposite direction. On Wednesday, Russia’s lower house of parliament, the Duma, voted to decriminalize “battery within the family,” downgrading it from a criminal offense to an administrative offense. The new law, supported by 368 out of 370 senators, means that family… Read more
Journalism and filmmaking have traditionally been viewed as a man’s game, with men dominating the field. Women made up only about 36.1% of journalists in the print and broadcast world, according to The Status of Women in the U. S. Media 2014 research report done by the Women’s Media Center. The number is even lower for women in film: 17% of women held ‘behind the scenes roles’ in the top 250 domestic grossing films in 2016, according to San Diego State University’s Celluloid Ceiling report. It’s tough enough for women… Read more
Good Girls Revolt, the Amazon Original series about female journalists based on a true story, will sadly not be returning for a second season. News of this first broke in December when the head of Amazon Video, Roy Price, decided to axe the show— without any women present in the room. He personally didn’t like or even watch the show. Since Amazon decided not to renew the show, Sony began shopping the series elsewhere, to no avail. “Good Girls Revolt won't be airing on another network. We made what felt like a 10-hour… Read more
So the Obamacare repeal process is underway, and millions of Americans are on their way to being uninsured and without access to affordable healthcare. Despite Trump’s continuing and bigly reassuring claims that there will be a replacement (“So we’re going to do repeal and replace — very complicated stuff,” he told the New York Times) and that certain elements of Obamacare will be preserved, none of this looks remotely likely as things stand. The idea that there will be an effective, comprehensive, agreeable plan for a… Read more
In the new political climate, abortion rights are more under threat than ever, with at least 46 anti-abortion bills in front of state legislators not even two weeks into the new year. The night before the presidential inauguration, the National Council of Jewish Women Los Angeles (NCJW/LA) along with over 25 other organizations are taking a stand and holding a Rally to Save Roe. 44 years ago, the historic 1973 Supreme Court Case Roe vs. Wade enshrined in the constitution the right to abortion until viability, that is,… Read more
(Rogue One spoilers follow, obviously.) There are countless reviews of Gareth Edwards’ first of the Star Wars anthology films, all variations on comparing it to this Episode or that; but its solitary focus makes for a tale set apart. As the lost piece of an intricate puzzle, Rogue One satisfyingly presses into its rightful place in the series’ universe. Filling in that blank space might never have seemed necessary, but, once you’ve seen it, there’s no denying the richness added. Like a secret ingredient playing up all… Read more

How ASOS's Men's Chokers Caused A Gender Uproar

By Callie Little  In Style  On Jan 13, 2017

In 2017, fashion accessories really shouldn’t be at the top of our list of things to be tweeting about and yet, here we are. Yes, everyone, stop worrying about climate change, and our impending *gag* inauguration –– we’ve got bigger fish to fry: Men’s choker necklaces are causing an uproar on social media. Of course. It may be 2017, but we, as a culture, are clinging desperately to the two-option, heavily gendered mindset of the early '00s, the ’90s, ’80s–– you know, the same tired, outdated schtick we’ve been stuck on… Read more