Guns N’ Hoses Are An Incredible, All-Women Tribute To Guns N’ Roses: BUST Interview

by Janeth Gonda

We stopped by the Bowery Ballroom to check out the all-star female super group Guns N’ Hoses as they celebrated the 30th anniversary of Guns N’ Roses‘ Appetite For Destruction (July 21, 1987). The group comprised of Erin Marsz (Axl Hose), Charlene Kaye (Gash), Julia Adamy (Muff McKagan), Emmy Wildwood (Lizzy Stradlin), and Gina Ilasi (Stephanie Adler) absoltuely rocked the term “Girl Power.” 


What is it that made you guys decided you wanted to cover Guns N’ Roses in the first place? When did this obsession begin? 

Erin Marsz (Axl): I wanted to create a music project to meet other awesome women and just have fun playing the music of one of my favorite bands, Guns N’ Roses. I got into GNR when I was a kid and have been a huge fan ever since. I also had a surreal run-in when I was 10 on a family vacation with in Toronto. Short story: Axl and Slash got into the elevator in the middle of the night with my family after the fire alarm had been pulled at the hotel we were staying in by an angry GNR fan because they cancelled a show. I was completely spellbound. This project has been an incredible experience in so many ways because of all the incredible women who have been involved and how much it’s made us all grow in our deep appreciation of the band.  

Do you feel as though you relate with the member you play? 

Erin (Axl): I think Axl Rose is the greatest rock singer of all time. I love his swagger and his attitude, and in these years of channeling him as a muse, it’s definitely made me a bit more bold in parts of my personal life. 

Emmy Wildwood (Izzy): I suppose I relate a bit because I am primarily a writer and rhythm player! Izzy was known for being a bit of an extroverted introvert, and I guess I am like that too.

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Are you involved in any other projects? If so, do they fall in the the same realm?

Erin(Axl): Everyone is involved in their own solo projects and in other bands. It’s kind of nuts how many bands some of the girls are in. But it’s a testament to their deep love of music and taking every opportunity given to play. 

Have you ever received any opposition, being this all female rock band?  

Erin(Axl): Yes and no. We’ve definitely dealt with our fair share of static from men who are straight up dicks to us. We had a sound guy in Chicago cut off our monitors and half the lights in the middle of our show because we asked for more guitar in a vocal monitor and he flipped. There’s a million other stories I could tell you. But I think that’s also just part of the game being a performer.

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Where do you want to take this project? Where do you see it going?
Erin (Axl): I just continue to be open to the many awesome opportunities that have come our way. This really started as a vehicle to have fun, make new friends, and connect with more female musicians. It’s totally taken off from there. We’ve toured nationally (even up to Alaska!), we’ve played in Canada, and this past September we played a show for a University in India for over 5,000 people! I’d love us to finally make our way to the UK. I think we would have a lot of fun. We also have had some inquiries to tour in Mexico, Brazil, and Argentina, but these things have not actualized at this point. But we are OPEN TO GO! 

If you could give any advice to young girls trying to make it in the industry, what would it be? 

Beth (Slash): To all the young ladies trying to make it in music — learn all you can & become a master at your craft. Don’t take rejection too personally — just keep honing your skills and getting out there. Having a network of other female musicians & artists can be really powerful, and can be a source of strength and inspiration. 

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