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Top 10 Best Werewolf Romance Books Make You Want to Scream

It’s not a wonder why werewolf romance books are always the most sought, and considered as the comfort zone of some readers. They are simply unique and appalling to the human mind, the more intriguing werewolf books get, the more we crave them. What’s more stimulating than a bunch of literary works having the ability to create a portal where everything is magical and supernatural? Because werewolf alpha mates romance books exist, we get to witness and be inside the ideal world of werewolves beneath their grisly reputation and thick fur. Whether it’s werewolf romance or simply horror, we’re able to escape the reality we live in, and for just a short time, experience love and embark on a journey that could only not teach us lessons but inspire us to do better, as well.

Top 10 Best Werewolf Romances for Fantasy Book Devours

Attached herein are the top 10 best alpha werewolf romance novels that you can read online, for free and without inconvenience.

 Books About Werewolf Romance 1: True Luna

Blurb: Just as Emma turned eighteen, she discovered her mate was the alpha but soon had been mysteriously rejected by him, leaving her wrecked and in chaos. Unbeknownst to her, that was the start of her downfall. In the process of moving on, and dealing with the strong she-wolf that Alpha Logan obtained as a replacement, she found out she wasn’t an ordinary wolf, but a special one. There are people out there seeking her, and they’ll do everything to get what they want. Will Emma shrug off the intense feeling of danger looming around her? And how will Alpha Logan react to that?

Find out in this steamy and best werewolf romance book.

Books About Werewolf Romance 2: The Rejected Luna’s Prince

Blurb: The Rejected Luna’s Prince is another yet tragic werewolf romance about a she-wolf getting cheated on by her mate. He rejected her in front of everybody, the same time she revealed she was pregnant. She had been banished, then, but found instantly the life and family she’s been dreaming of with an unexpected event.

Books About Werewolf Romance 3: Alpha Zander

Blurb: Because their packs were on each other’s necks for centuries, it’s understandable for Zander—the future alpha, and Ashleigh—the future beta of both rival packs to hate each other. That’s why when they turned eighteen and they discovered they were mates, Zander’s dismay was over the roof. They tried to resist the bond but as time went by, it slowly became too hard to deny it. Will their love finally change the ongoing battle between their packs? Or will it just be another version of the tragic Romeo-and-Juliet story?

Books About Werewolf Romance 4: My Fated Human Luna

Blurb: My Fated Human Luna is an interesting werewolf romance book, very different from what we usually read. The future luna is a human.

Sabrina Piper is a 24-year-old nurse and a mother. The man she spent three years living with didn’t turn out to be the man she expected would provide her the happiness ever after she wanted. She was getting unhappy, and she knew if their arrangement would stay longer, she’d lose her chance to redeem her once full vibrant life. What happens when she stumbles upon a mysterious lawyer? Will their indifferences become a thing? Or will that man finally provide the life she’s been craving for, despite the fact that he’s a werewolf?

Books About Werewolf Romance 5: The Wolf’s Claim

Blurb: Lana has had enough of being the battered wife of a drunkard. She had already had too many men controlling her life in the past, and she wouldn’t let his abusive spouse hurt her anymore or her daughter. The next time he’d raise his fist at her, he’d met a punishable consequence. To make that successful, Lana then ran away from her abusive home, settling in a small cabin with her daughter. They’ve never been so peaceful in her whole life. And so when an injured wolf shows up, she didn’t hesitate to tend to the wolf’s wounds, not wanting to cause the poor animal more misery. Seeing him transform into a man, however, made her realize it was a mistake. Peace was what she yearns for, and such spectacle is the last thing she wanted.

Books About Werewolf Romance 6: Rejected By My Mate

Blurb: Do you love a werewolf romance book with an intense storyline and revengeful heroine?

Rejected By My Mate will bring you every fiber of entertainment you may or may not seek for in werewolf romance. It tells the tale of Alexandria Gregory, seeking for revenge after she had been subjected to embarassment. She was eighteen years old when she met Azrael Shepherd, the alpha of her rival pack. But Azrael rejected her when he found out she was an omega. The rejection was so excruciating, it almost ended her life. She knew she would never find another mate again. Rage consumed her heart, and so she swore that she’d take her rightful position as the real alpha, and eliminating everyone who gets in the way.

Books About Werewolf Romance 7: Alpha Nocturne’s Contracted Mate

Blurb: What would you do if you had been betrayed by two individuals you trusted the most?

Ann couldn’t determine the right answer to that after her mind completely went blank as she watched her mate having sex with her sister. Now completely clueless about what she’ll do next, she tried to find comfort in a bar but ended up securing a contract with the infamous Alpha Nocturne. She couldn’t fathom if it was a good decision to associate herself with the mysterious and undaunting alpha. One thing’s for sure, her way out of the marriage she has with her trashy ex-mate is secured, and she’s liking the new environment she didn’t know she’d enjoy. Will their relationship end up as fabricated as it was? Or love will still develop even though the stakes were high for them both?

Join Ann as she get on a rollercoaster ride of unsure decisions and doubts in this engrossing best werewolf romance book.

Books About Werewolf Romance 8: THE ALPHA KING’S CLAIM

Blurb: In this werewolf romance book, the male lead is extraordinary. Alpha Aero is the legendary and brutal alpha the werewolf world has ever known. His name alone could instill fear in people. He seemed perfect, except the fact that he dislikes women. What happens when the cold-hearted King finds a maiden that exceeded his low view of their gender? Will his hatred overcome his desires, or he’d be able to set aside those feelings and pleasure himself once and for all? 

Books About Werewolf Romance 9: The King Alpha’s Mate

Blurb: Because Serena couldn’t keep with her parent’s expectations, they send her to the Amaris Moon Academy where she could grow up and leave her mischievous life. There, she met the ruthless King Alpha, and though she wished to leave, her fate had already been sealed, soon she’d be residing in the academy halls, together with the royal pack. Only what she did not know was her world would be turned upside down. Lies have been everywhere, and formidable secrets soon uncovered. Serena then realized that not everything she knew is true. Through spending time at the academy, Serena wound finds out about the truth and the true purpose of why the Moon Goddess let her meet King Alpha.

Books About Werewolf Romance 10: The Luna and her Quadruplet Pups

Blurb: Ethan and Jane were childhood sweethearts, even though Ethan was alpha and Jane was an omega. Despite that, their attraction grew more and they didn’t let their ranks hinder their love. But fate sure knows how to ruin their lives. The first year of their marriage had become rough when the trust became an issue. Ending it would be easy, and Jane was looking forward to doing that. What would happen if Ethan finds out Jane’s pregnant after the divorce and that they’re having quadruplets? Will their children serve as the key to reuniting the love they both lost?

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