Third Times a Don’t

by callie watts

Over the past couple years I have been in ‘Vice Do’s and Don’ts’ three times. This last time is my first ‘Don’t’! I know, it is a fashion risk! My rap group 3pac$ had just finished a round robin show with a bunch of other bands, including our bros from Japanther and Ninjasonik. Our last set was played as a homage to Porky Pig, shirts sans pants. I ended up actually loosing the skirt I had worn to the show during the set so I party hopped the night away Porky Pig Style. It should totally be noted that I am wearing an ‘It Aint Gonna Lick Itself’ shirt and double nude suits. Let it also be known to the dudes in the comments, no American Apparel here sir, just good old fashion dance leotards and No Tights (that is the color of my legs playa, but not the color of my crotch). And to the commenter that thinks he may have woken up next to me this weekend and I smelled like pigs feet, could have totally been me! But, only if you meant that you went to sleep with me on Friday but did not wake up next to me on Saturday, leaving you to to pine for the smell of pig’s feet…The smell of pig’s feet was possibly a combo of my actual feet and my uterine lining. I stayed over at some rando dudes house Friday night (let it be noted we did not bang, or even finger bang). I woke up cramped out of my mind with a lagoon of blood in my thong and magically none on my dress or dudes bed. I tried to wake him up to see if he lived with any girls so I could get a tampon, he was essentially comatose so I had to shove a bunch of TP in my hole and then wrap my thong up like a very thin sumo diaper and ride my bike home. So, the pig’s feet may have been part feet and part menstrual blood lagoon. Either way, if that’s you, glad we didn’t bang. If that does not ring a bell, then to whoever I dipped on: sorry flash flood, maybe we will meet again? What do you ladies think, Poky Piggin’ It, Do or Don’t? Here are the other looks Vice sited me for: Here I had just played an ambush Drunky Brewster show at Max Fish after some show I can’t even remeber. The nude suit is a yes here right? Sucks that its a butt focused shot so everyone feels entitled to discuss rather i am a ripe candidate for anal sex. But, I guess if some dude had his crotch all up in a fish eye lens I would ask myself if I’d sit on it (but I would have enough class not to commit on it). I feel this outfit was better played on the stage. This one (scroll down to the dude in the blue wonder women bottoms and blue tights and me in a sweet blue and white summer suit) is me and an old boyfriend, we use to go out and pretend to be a trapeze team in these outfits. I think this is still one of my fav looks. I’m gonna agree with Vice on this one, total Do! What do you ladies think? Also, the last one my friend Daryll ended up on the same ‘Do’ list as me, he is in the skull fucking shirt. Small world Vice, small world. Both the show looks may actually be Don’ts for the streets, but for the stage I think they were just right. Plus, the ‘OMG that girl is dancing without any pants on’ and ‘Who does she think she is coming here without pants!’ comments were priceless. Do you think I hold the record for being on their list the most? I should win some sort of ‘WTF Is She Wearing’ award.

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