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“The Craft” Actress Rachel True Is Now A Tarot Expert: Interview

by Lisa Stardust


Oftentimes, celebrities faithlessly tinker with the occult world, not fully committing to their truest beliefs. As an astrologer, I wholeheartedly trust and have faith in the tarot—which is why when I heard the wonderful and brilliant Rachel True has a new tarot deck and book coming out, I jumped at the chance to interview her. 

Rachel True is known for her amazing acting chops, positivity, beauty, and spirituality—as well as her iconic role as Rochelle in The Craft. Her upcoming memoir True Heart Intuitive Tarot documents her life and relationship with the tarot. She has cemented herself as a spiritual leader, filled with positive vibes and energy.

BUST sat down with True to discuss her memoir, her childhood, her acting career, and why tarot is a “shrink in a box.”

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When did you first discover tarot and how long have you been practicing? How did you build on your talents?

When I went to live with my father and his new wife at the age of four, I was very introverted and very quiet and very, you know, like rock in the corner kind of kid. They had a huge bookshelf that I called the library and the books that I was drawn to, because I could read at this point—we were taught to read really young age—were Carl Jung’s Man and His Symbols and Nietzsche’s Beyond Good and Evil.

So obviously, I wasn’t really comprehending what these books were saying, but there was something that I was drawn to and understood—the pictures in Jung’s book told a story. I remember when I was about eight or nine, I was aware of these concepts already, because we had hippie friends.

Someone gave me a tarot deck and I was just enamored. It has similar pictures as the Carl Jung book, so it was like “Oh! Okay, Wait, wait, wait! This is a mystery, this is a story—I get this. I understand this. This is the language I speak. I can parse this, maybe, if I look into it.”

Your book is also a memoir. Tell us about hardships and successes you’ve experienced as an actor.

As a black actor, your auditions are limited. It doesn’t matter if it’s a rocket scientist or a yoga teacher—it’s never those parts because you’re black. I remember in the early ’90s, during my first year in California, and I tested for a really poorly written part set in the South before the war. It was for a slave, and I just felt wrong about it. I would be fine to do a Roots type of movie or an underground film, but this wasn’t that. I didn’t like it. It didn’t feel right. I decided not to do it.

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Tell us about your childhood and what impact it had on you.

As a small child in NYC, I felt like there was so much energy coming at me. My family moved to upstate New York—I missed the energy of the city—and I was the only black girl in my high school. I received the highest score in the history of my high school at the time on my SATs, but I wasn’t seen or accepted because of my race.

What inspires you?

Art. Creating is the ultimate form of expression. I like editing things together to create a collage of different images.

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What was your earliest experience with the tarot?

When I moved to LA, I was working—acting in movies and TV shows—all the time. This was early- to mid-’90s. However, I wasn’t focused on my spirituality at all because I was focused on my career. But then suddenly I had time off in between projects. I remember thinking…I need to do something more. Then, I really dug into tarot. Tarot is a “shrink in a box,” acting to answer tough questions and offering different perspectives on situations, while giving advice.

What other hidden talents do you have?

I would like to explore directing—playing with visual images more. Music as well, because music is the most expressive form of emotion.

What other projects are you currently working on?

I have some secret amazing upcoming projects in the works—work I am extremely proud of. I’m not going anywhere! 

Photos by Justice Holt 

True Heart Intuitive Tarot book & tarot deck set is part practical guide to connecting to your intuition through tarot cards, and part Hollywood memoir of a mystic-minded actress’s ride through tarot and Tinseltown.

Visit Rachel True’s Instagram page @TrueRachelTrue and Twitter feed @RachelTrue for magical updates and insights.
To book a tarot reading with Rachel True, please email or visit

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