Nine Best Best Friends From Television History (In Honor of Galentine’s Day!)

by Brittany Allen

Ahh, Valentine’s Day — that 24-hour block designed to sell greeting cards, indicate the lonely and breed competition in healthy relationships. I love flowers and candlelit dinners as much as the next pair of pants, but we can all agree on the somewhat forced aspect of a holiday that first calls to mind overcrowded restaurants and cheap plush teddy bears. The brouhaha is enough to make you wanna  take your celebration (or, demolition…) inside. Where you could watch a horror movie, say, in the privacy of your own home. And maybe eat a whole bunch of snacks.

Of course, if you give a mouse a bunch of snacks and a horror movie, they’ll think about sleepovers. And sleepovers will make them think of true love, the kind that lasts…the kind that’s patient, kind, and totally there for you no matter what. The love of best friends forever. So this feast of Lupercalia, let’s dispense with Lloyd Dobler and Diane Court and instead sing the praises of television’s most romantic…BFFs.


1. Leslie Knope and Ann Perkins (Originators of “Galentine’s Day”)

It wouldn’t be crazy to call the bond between middle America’s most earnest local politician and the ultimate girl-next-door an antidote to the Apatowian bromance. Leslie Knope and Ann Perkins want the best for one another, go out of their ways to keep their relationship spicy, and perfectly complement the other, personality-wise. You’ve either got your own Ann/Leslie or…you spend too much time watching this show.



Image courtesy of Twitter/@parksandrecnbc.


2. Ethel Mertz and Lucy Ricardo (Originators of Leslie Knope and Ann Perkins)

Lucy and Ethel couldn’t seem to go a single day without prat-falling into some preposterous adventure — which of course is priority one for bona fide true blues. You know you’ve hit gold when you and your best friend can honestly say you’ve never been bored together.



Image courtesy of 


3. Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein (Friends For All Seasons)

If the incisive,  kind-hearted satires in IFC’s Portlandia are anything to go by, Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein can populate a medium-sized metropolis with all their well-crafted, best-friend-characters. BFF’s in real life as in most of their show’s running sketches (like the bumbling feminist book-store owners Candace and Toni, pictured below), Fred and Carrie epitomize the perfect creative partnership: one filled with love and respect.



4. Carlton Banks and Will Smith (The Unlikely Allies)

Who doesn’t adore the chemistry between perpetual-stick-in-the-mud Carlton Banks and his loose cannon cousin, the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air? These two prove by syndication that opposites attract and family is…hard to shake. Lucy and Ethel level hi-jinks, with a side of mutual contempt. Also, we like to watch them dance:



5. Dr. John Dorian and Dr. Christopher Turk (Brothers From Other Mothers)

J.D. and Turk, of television’s silliest hospital show, Scrubs, shared a friendship so deep it once moved them to burst into song. This highly day-appropriate song, in fact:



6. Bert and Ernie (Best Frenemies, Non-Human Category)

Who better exhibits the tried-and-true narrative tradition of the odd couple than anal-retentive Bert and his ponderous sidekick, Ernie? (…except, perhaps, The Odd Couple…not pictured)? Though Bert often seems on the edge of throttling his “roommate,” we know they can’t live without each other.


7. Abed Nadir and Troy Barnes (Partners in Whimsical Crime)

Troy and Abed are about as daffy (and arguably, stunted) as the puppets pictured above — but their adorable games account for most of the comedy in NBC’s beloved Community. Whether they’re building epic pillow forts or solving mysteries, here’s another pair of pals who aren’t afraid to look foolish.


8. Rhoda Morgenstern and Mary Tyler Moore (Reigning Queens of Banter)

Cynical Rhoda often played the foil to her upstairs neighbor Mary Tyler Moore, who was generally the more bright eyed and bushy tailed of this famous duo. Miranda Hobbes and Carrie Bradshaw can thank both women for their entire dynamic — of course, Rhoda sort of betrays the concept when she falls in love and moves away to New York. (I mean…we’re really happy for her…sigh…). We’re also very glad to hear that as of this January, Valerie Harper (Rhoda) is feeling better! 


9. Jack Donaghy and Liz Lemon (Best Mentor, Mentee)

Neither could explain it. He was the task-master conservative with a corporate mind, she was creative and socially inept. But before Don and Peggy, there was Jack and Liz. She taught him how to let loose, and he taught her how to go after her dreams…

:sob: I’m sorry, you guys. Still pretty sad this show is off the air. 



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