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BUST School For Creative Living Teacher Spotlight: Trish Burger, Hypnotherapist And Artist

by Madera Rhayne

Trish Burger is a creative and spiritual hynotherapist and artist who will be joining us as a teacher at the BUST School For Creative Living, which will take place December 8th and 9th during the BUST Craftacular Holiday at Brooklyn Expo in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Trish will be teaching a workshop on past life regression, and will also have her crystal jewelry available for sale as a vendor.  

In this interview, Trish gives us an idea of her practice and what we can anticipte to experience with her.  

Hi Trish—can you tell our readers a little about your work? 

I am a hypnotherapist that specializes in past life regressions. I also am a Reiki practitioner, spiritual life coach, and oracle card reader, and I create crystal jewelry that I will have on display/for sale at the BUST Craftacular. The method I studied is Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (or QHHT for short) started by Dolores Cannon. I use hypnosis to relax a client to the same brain wave they are in as they fall asleep and wake up. It is a normal state they are already in twice a day. Then we explore a past life that mirrors the issues they are working on transcending in their current life. You set up your life and challenges before you incarnate. Patterns repeat until you learn the lesson and transcend the issue. Then, I am able to access a client’s higher self. This is that part of you that has all the answers and higher knowledge of who you truly are. While this part of the client is accessed under hypnosis, I ask all of the questions the client has prepared beforehand. It is a form of self-healing in that you, yourself answer all of your questions from a higher perspective. This part of you can answer any question you have ever had. It can also perform self-healing of emotional and physical issues and discomfort you are experiencing. Anything is possible. I end each session with your higher self giving you tons of loving advice on how to live your best life from a place of absolute and pure love.

What inspired you to start your career? 

I was inspired to explore this career to have a deeper understanding of why we are here on earth at this intense time. I wanted to make sense of my life and all the twists and turns. Why are we born to the parents we have? Is there a bigger reason? Is it all just random, or is there order in the madness? I had a very difficult childhood, and I needed some answers to help me heal. Why is there suffering? Why is life sometimes so painful? Is there a reason? Why are some people born to loving and supportive families and others are not? If there is a reason for earth life I needed to know.

What is your creative process like?

My creative process for my hypnotherapy work involves a daily meditation practice. I also love reading books about magic, past lives, and all areas of spirituality. 

What advice do you have for people who are pursuing a career in your field?

Great advice is to read any of Dolores Cannon’s books – Three Waves Of Volunteersis a great one to start with. Also, any books by Dr. Brian Weiss or Journey of Souls by Michael Newton. Search for Candace Craw-Goldman, as she has created a new healing technique modality I practice called Beyond Quantum Healing, or BQH. You can take her class online, and it is a really wonderful way to learn multi-dimensional healing techniques.

Tell us about what you’ll be doing at Craftacular.

I will be hosting my group past-life regression workshop. It is a fun way to explore a past life you have lived in a group setting. It is less intense than a private three-hour appointment, and it’s a way to catch a glimpse into another facet of who you truly are. This current earth life is just a small part of the wonderous and magical creature you are. It is light hypnosis, and the participants sit quietly and listen to my voice as I guide them to a past life they have lived. I recommend meditating as much as you can before the experience. Clients who meditate regularly have deeper and more detailed visions. It’s not mandatory, but it definitely helps. After the experience, we have a discussion of the visions you had. I will also have a booth with my crystal jewelry.

What else should our readers know about you?

I was born a psychic empath. I knew that life was so much more then what we could see with our eyes. I have experienced so much in this lifetime to prepare me now to help others. I am here to hold space for others to now heal. Anything is possible. All healing is self-healing. Give yourself credit for coming this far. Self-care is essential. Have the voice inside your head be one of love and support. Talk to yourself as you would talk to a child. Love is real and here for you. I created my quantum healing business to help others heal and live their best lives. No question or problem is off limits. I am here to help. 

For more information about Trish and her practice, you can visit her website at www.trishburger.com.

Join us at the BUST Craftacular and the School For Creative Living 11a.m.-7p.m. on Saturday, December 8 and Sunday, December 9 at Brooklyn Expo center. Admission is free; learn more and purchase class tickets here.

Photo courtesy of Trish Burger

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