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This Valentine’s Day, Learn How To Manifest Love And Healing With Crystals

by Lisa Stardust

I grew up surrounded by crystals. When I was a child, my father hung an amethyst in the center of a dream catcher above my bed to bring me protection from my nightmares, and my mother gave me a rose quartz necklace to help me build confidence. While I wore my crystal necklace and slept with an amethyst above my bed to enable sweet dreams, I didn’t fully understand the power and potential crystals and gemstones have on the body, mind, and spirit.

“Crystals are a fantastic tool for anyone looking to up their manifestation and empowerment game! My favorite thing to do each morning is go through my mineral collection and choose a few stones to throw in my bra. Taking this time before I leave the house gives me a quiet moment to set my intentions for the day and reminds me what my goals are,” says Renee Watt (@rainbowglitterstar), psychic, witch, and host of the podcast Witch Doctorate. Some believe meditating with crystals and gemstones is of many ways to heal a broken heart and bring in new love. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, here’s how to use the energy of crystals and gemstones to allow Cupid’s arrow to hit you, rather than be stuck in Cupid’s chokehold.

BUST spoke with experts to explain the best crystals to help manifest self-love and transformation in all matters of the heart for Valentine’s Day.

Bri Luna (@thehoodwitch), “Crystal Queen” and owner and creative director of, suggests lemurian quartz and obsidian. She says:

Lemurian quartz crystals are considered to be one of the ‘Master Crystals’ because they are associated with all of the chakras, all astrological signs, all elements, and all planetary aspects. Lemurians are master teachers and help with assisting in oneness and reminding us that while we are all individuals, we are also all interconnected beings equal in Spirit. Lemurian Seed crystals generate a very feminine or yin energy, which is wonderful for people that want to get in touch with and activate their divine feminine energies. These are really powerful and beautiful minerals when placed on the hearts center or simply held in meditation.

Obsidian displays many faces (or forms) that constantly shows us the presence of light within darkness. This powerful stone of healing has been used by alchemist, shamans, spiritualist, and light-workers to aid in repelling discordant vibrations. Obsidian is an initiatory stone that I only recommend for those who wish to heal and are not afraid of facing repressed emotions. It aids us in strong psychic protection and helps us to create healthy boundaries. Meditation with obsidian allows us to understand the power that within the darkness or in our feelings of defeat, despair and depression that the light of higher consciousness and hope await us.

Raquel Pennington (@hanumanheartyoga), yoga teacher, bead artist, and owner of, says black vein rhodonite and green sesame jasper are her “favorite heart-healing stones.” She says: 

Aesthetically more bold than other heart activating pink stones, black vein rhodonite is also a powerhouse when it comes to heart healing. Rhodonite is a useful “first aid” tool for the heart and reclaiming self-worth. It lends supportive energy when healing emotional wounds, releasing self-destructive behavior, and making space for self-love. This healing stone works as an aid to soothe emotional shock and panic, promoting calm confidence. From this state of strength, forgiveness and reconciliation can occur. Rhodonite boosts dignity, and encourages sharing one’s gifts for the service of humanity.

Green sesame jasper, the heart-stimulating variation of jasper, is as supportive as it is beautiful. Known as the supreme nurturer, jasper sustains and supports during times of stress, and grounds scattered energy. Green jasper in particular assists in awareness and sensitivity to the needs of others while learning to balance self-love and love for all. It’s a useful stone to discover and balance the parts of your life that have become all important, possibly to the detriment or de-prioritization of other areas, and it aids in finding the courage to get to grips with problems assertively, and finding strength in vulnerability.

Aisha Amarfio (@aisha_amarfio), shamanic healer, energy practitioner, and author of CRYSTALS: A Guide to Using the Crystal Compass for Energy, Healing, and Reclaiming Your Power, suggests rose quartz to bring in new love. She says:

Meditating with rose quartz or wearing it will raise the vibration of your sense of self-love and the vibration of the love you bring in. It’ll create space for you to remember your own gorgeous magnificence, and the miracle that is you. It invites you to fall in love yourself first and treat yourself with the care you deserve, opening up more room to attract more nourishing and restorative love in to your life, whether it be from lovers, friends or family. When you are setting your intention to manifest more love, a great mantra is ‘I am love, and I invite in the highest vibration of love.

Writer and crystal enthusiast Nina Kahn (@rainbowgrams) suggests opals:

Opal is a favorite stone of mine for manifesting flirty and magical love vibes. With its rainbow of colors (and so many varieties to choose from!), this stone emanates the whimsical dreaminess of love energy — and it’s also known as a crystal of desire and eroticism. Its vibrations are gentle and feminine yet passionate, so I wear opal jewelry or carry one with me whenever I’m trying to channel my inner love goddess (which is honestly, like, every single day).

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