4 of My Favorite Last-Minute DIY Costumes

by callie watts


I love Halloween. Here are some of my favorite costumes that I have crafted up throughout the years and some tips on how you can get the look!


Keg Stand

Sorry the picture above  is blurry. I am sure whoever took this was very drunk. I have done several variations of this costume throughout the years. This actually wasn’t Halloween but a bachelorette party for my bestie/bandmate. For this costume, cover a large piece of poster board with aluminum foil and tape it into a cylinder. Make suspender like straps by taping or stapling some scrap fabric strips over the shoulders (notice I am always strapping stuff around me with scrap fabric; why the hell not). Get a cheap blow up doll from your fav porn shop, and tie the head into a tight knot and push it down into the neck of the doll. Blow that bad boy up. You can put clothes on it – I am not sure why we didn’t here. You need a friend for this to walk behind you and hold the feet up. One year we adapted this to be Godzilla giving Mothra a kegstand. I wish I could find a picture of that in the keg but here is one of us out of the keg playing a surprise show (by surprise I mean we were not scheduled to play and ambushed the stage between two bands – we got kicked out). 




For that variation the person holding the legs dresses in green, make some scales to go down your back either by cutting cardboard or poster board into a long strip with triangles on both sides, fold it down the middle so the triangles touch and tape it down to your shirt however you can. I know it is not the fanciest dragon but roll with it. For the Mothra, I cut the legs off of some nude hose and stuffed it with foam (you can use scrap fabric too), I stapled some fur pieces on and added some butterfly wings. Yeah, no one got it at first but once we told them what we were everyone loooooved it. Oh, this is always good when the person in the keg is wearing roller skates, why not put that keg on wheels!






This gave me whiplash, but people still talk about this costume because it is obviously amazing. Again, I cut the legs off of nude hose and stuffed them up. I cut a hole slightly below the waist band to stick my face through and slapped a thong on it. I guess with my dress choice, I am a “Sexy Asshat,” but that is up to you.


Unfortunately, I do not have any pictures of the year I went as a Sexy Windmill because it was really windy that day and my costume blew to pieces before anyone got to witness it.



Trent Trever




This was not Halloween; this is me in disguise to crash a party I was not invited to. Shockingly I was able to stay in the party for an hour or so before I got kicked out. I never broke character, though, and I left mumbling in a deep voice, “Trent Trevor ain’t mad at ‘cha but I don’t know why you have a problem with me.” Yes, Trent Trevor refers to himself in the third person. The belly is a tube top stuffed with a shirt, the mustache is fake fur glued on with spirit gum.


Superman That Hoe



photo by Tod Seelie


Do you remember this song?


It is kind of dated now but everyone loves a throwback and it is such an absurd concept I had to make fun of it. Basically it is when a dude jizzes on your back and sticks a sheet to it. It sticks there like a cape. Right? Like this has ever happened. For this, I just threw on my trusty nude suit and tied a sheet around my shoulders. Bam, done.

This year I am going as Sherlock Gnomes on Halloween and the following weekend as one of the characters from Death Becomes Her. I can’t decide if I want to be the smashed head or the hole in the stomach?


I want to see your best DIY costumes, so share in the comments please!


All pics via my facebook unless specified.


ETA: As a result of the many readers and commenters who have written in anger as a result of this piece, it has been edited to remove the offending content. While none of the costumes were intended to be related to sexual violence or miscarriage, we do recognize that for some of our readers these images could be triggering, and we truly apologize for this oversight, as well as to anyone who was hurt by reading this post.  We also recognize that, for many Native Americans, dream catchers are sacred items, and it was insensitive of us to post a costume made to look like one  without deeper consideration. We also apologize for the misleading title of the post and what it suggested about our opinions on the content therein. The title  has since been changed.


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