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'Manda Blogs About...

Product reviews, giveaways and tons of information on many different topics! 'Manda Blog's About..., is a women's blog full of helpful articles, guides and tips on health, beauty, parenting, html, blogging, writing and pretty much everything else!

100% People

A fab & friendly online resource dedicated to shopping, information and socialising. Check your horoscopes or catch up with the latest hot gossip, there's so much to discover at 100% People!

365 Reasons Why Jason Segel & I Should be Friends

A quirky daily blog that details a year's worth of reasons, some legitimate and some ridiculous, why the author should be friends with actor Jason Segel.

A love letter to the city.

Lindsey Trout documents life as a young actor in New York City.

A Touch of Bedlam

in search of that perfect balance between elegance & uproar.

Allie's Green Answers

An Eco-Friendly Site from Allie. Dedicated to the small green changes that can make a big difference

Alternative Consumer

eco news, green product reviews and useful info for busy gals looking to cultivate a greener, healthier lifestyle. it's sexy to value upcycling, recycling, going organic, sustainability and biodegradability.

Anatomy Of Thought

-An entertaining blog for gals who are crafty, sarcastic, and a bit political! Pick my brain. You might find something interesting!

Annimal House

Vintage obsessed couple from Sacramento, California share clothing ensembles and home renovation with a retro flavor. Blog posts both frequent and colorful!

Apartment Seven

A woman positive website that includes women's news and interests. Also looking for writers!

Asian Buzz


A blog for all things Asian or Asian Inspired! You don't have to be Asian to come and visit us!!

Ava loves

Blog about all the things I love. About rainbows and pink things, quirky webstores and geeky comicks, about lomography cameras and representing indie crafters and artists. Cuteness and indie in the same package.


Making life more awesome one mediocre blog post at a time.

Bad Ass Femmes

A blog documenting my search for renegades, rebels and wicked, wanton women of (supposed) ill repute. Unconventional, fiesty, sassy and diverse women.

Bite-Sized Subversions

Commentary on all sorts of substantial but not necessarily 'in the news today' matters, often looking at the gender issues involved...


I am a Afro- Native wombon making her way in this world. This blog is rooted in the celebration of all Afro- Native peoples, to my ancestors, and highlights my own personal development as an artist, and healer.

Blather From Brooklyn


A visit to -- and celebration of -- New York City by a resident of Beautiful Brooklyn. An insider's view of NYC from a woman who loves the city. Experience the people, animals, food, art, music, festivals, museums, culture, literature, neighborhoods, sigh ...