baby-holding-money2.jpgExactly what should our rights be when it comes to reproduction technology and what regulations, if any, should be put into place to prevent an all out baby as business world? This Saturday in NYC, Barnard College's 34th Annual Scholar Feminist Conference will gather artists, activists, and academics to discuss and explore this exact issue in The Politics of Reproduction: New Technologies of Life. I think this should be a pretty relevant, fascinating topic. Can you imagine a future where annoying couples argue over what color their babies eyes should be and especially scary is who might be getting rich off this technology. I think that regulation is absolutely necessary and that it is definitely not too early to be talking about it. Seats are still available, check here for more details . Personally, if I could design my own baby it would look like this:

4walls120826AC.jpgbut that's just me.

xoxo Catherine