R. Kelly Acquitted! - BUST
I have always loved Kels, and like a crazy Michael Jackson fan I wondered if found guilty, what would become of my love. Could I turn a blind eye or would I be so sickened I wouldn’t be able to have sex to “The Zoo” anymore? Would I have to change my ringtone from “Sex Weed” out of fear people would think I was a child pornographer supporter? Could I keep a child pornographer in my top 5 favorite people in the world list? I no longer have to worry; if the jury says they can't prove it I believe them. Having not seen the tape myself, mainly because I didn't want to ruin him in my eyes yet and also because if it was a 13 year old I didn't really want to watch it period. The video above is one of my fav Kels videos, "Real Talk" is one of my favorite songs of all time and when I went to see him in concert last year, it was hands down my favorite concert ever. Several times my roommate Jackie and I were so excited we held hands! How do you guys feel about the verdict, joy or disgust?
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