Heart On - BUST

Eagles of Death Metal roar back into gear with a pounding album.

Eagles of Death Metal roar back into gear with their third album, Heart On. Josh Homme, of Queens of the Stone Age fame, and playmate Jesse Hughes take on Los Angeles in 12 pedal-to-the-floor romps. With a team of stellar musicians, they put influences like the Beach Boys, Tears for Fears, and the Eagles to work with infectious pop songs. Relishing in the West Coast scene while offering critique, songs such as “Now I’m a Fool” claim it’s all fake in Hollywood, and “Wannabe in L.A.” mocks poseurs. On the other hand, this is a soundtrack for the savvy Valley boy with hits like “High Voltage” and “Cheap Thrills,” and the exhilarating “I’m Your Torpedo” is about SoCal car culture. Whether you’re cruising through a moonlit desert or weaving along I-95, fast is the only way to enjoy this baby. Heart On plays the way rock ‘n’ roll road trip records should: some lows, a lot of highs, and all laced with pounding speed.