Keep It Hid - BUST

The Black Keys' singer/guitarist Dan Auerbach's solo debut.

2008 was a banner year for the Black Keys; the Ohio blues-rock duo saw its profile and creative horizon expand, due to a timely collaboration with ultrahip producer Danger Mouse on Attack and Release. Never one to sit idly, Keys singer/guitarist Dan Auerbach is keeping the hot streak alive with his solo debut, Keep It Hid. Partially because it was recorded in Auerbach’s new analog studio, the album hums with the warmth of Memphis blues and lo-fi garage rock. Instead of pretending his main gig doesn’t exist, Auerbach plays into some corners of the Keys’ sound, which are normally unexplored. Album opener 'Trouble Weighs a Ton' sets a quiet, pastoral tone with acoustic strumming and high, lonesome vocals, but the feel of the record is closer to its second track, the sweaty, keyboard-lubed 'I Want Some More,' and the strutting fuzz of 'The Prowl.'