If you don’t think Louis CK is fucking hilarious, well, I don’t know what to say to you. But, if you do… then you’ll be glad to hear that his newest HBO comedy special Oh My God, does not disappoint. Full disclosure, I got to see Louis perform it live at The Kennedy Center in Washington, DC in February, so I already knew it was going to be great.

While Louis is still the bitter, self-deprecating comedian who stands on the edge of humanity waiting to show us our flaws, somehow, he’s become less depressing when confronting us with them. He still gives the Louis Treatment to popular topics such as marriage, age, fatherhood, animals, Facebook, sex, and American idiocy, however, he seems more hopeful. Like maybe he’s ready to be a little bit happy about what he’s doing with his life. Don’t worry, happiness does not make Louis any less entertaining.


So why is Louis so happy? He’s still divorced, he’s gotten older, but consequently, he seems to give even less of a shit about any of that.  Some of you reader’s may be over the divorce bit that’s always lurked around in Louis’ career, but now that he seems to have gained some clarity in the last five years, it is even funnier to hear him talk about his failed marriage, how it affects his parenting, his future and consequently, his comedy. 


He's not anti-marriage by any means, in fact, he's a proponent of same sex marriage. In his life, he's much better off being a single dad - at least that's his schtick, and it works for me. Underneath all the standard social commentary in Oh My God, there lies a little more hopefulness to it than we see in his hit FX show, Louie. That show, while still funny, can be pretty grim at times. Though ultimately the fact is, even at his darkest, Louis still has hope, and that's part of what makes him such a great comedian. Well, that and his awkward lovability despite his hatred of humanity. 

Look for clips on the interwebs, streaming of the special on HBO GO, and come September, download it from Louis’ website for $5. 

Photo via HBO.com