The competition is on to create the next 30 Rock-- there are some incredibly buzz-worthy pilots in the works for fall, including an Andy Samberg cop show and a Seinfeld-esque vehicle by comedian and SNL writer John Mulaney. We're on pins and needles for both, but what's currently called The John Mulaney Show looks more impressive by the day. While it already boasts writing from one of the best comedians of the moment*, its cast will include such greats as Martin Short, Elliott Gould, and now SNL's Nasim Pedrad. If The John Mulaney Show gets picked up (which it will, don't worry), Pedrad will leave SNL after four years on the show. This could be sad news to some, but Pedrad has already clocked more time on SNL than any current female cast member, and we can't imagine a better exit.

Pedrad will play "Mulaney's roommate Jane, 'the sweet, intelligent and lazy grade school teacher who doesn't love her job and wants to make changes but she's addicted to procrastinating.'" We have no doubt she'll be a worthy successor to Elaine Benes.


Image via SplitSider.

*If you haven't, listen to Mulaney's specials The Top Part and last year's New In Town. Swear you won't regret it.