trueblood VS.pattinson


HBO's True Blood airs this Sunday, and if you are into vampires, get ready for alot of uber violent shenanigans and sexual tension between the main characters played by Anna Paquin and Stepen Moyer. I saw the first two episodes and did not fall immediately in love, but its fun and I think I need to watch a few more episodes to get the full effect. The story is based on a book by Charlaine Harris, 'Southern Vampire,' and takes place in New Orleans where a Japanese company has invented synthetic blood, rendering the vampires 'safe' since they dont have to feed on humans. Of course there is a hot vampire dude and a cute human girl, yet the storyline is eerily similar to another vampire movie coming out in December, based on a hugely popular teen novel called 'Twilight .' I'm actually more excited to see this film because of one Robert Pattinson who plays the lead vamp, Edward Cullen. You may remember this guy from the Harry Potter series as Cedric Diggory. The guy is beyond beautiful, and I, along with millions of teenage girl fans, am a little obsessed. Not as obsessed as my friend Cristina, but still. In a battle of who is the sexier vampire, Pattinson wipes the floor with True Blood's Moyer. I call a vampire walk off! If you had to fall in love with a vampire, who would you vote for?

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