Amid the usually flurry of ads for cars, junk food, and blockbuster movies, there was one Super Bowl ad this year that deserves to be shared and re-shared. Mayors Against Illegal Guns, Michael Bloomberg’s initiative for more effective gun legislation, produced an ad that highlighted the NRA’s inconsistent stance on background checks. The ad aired in the Washington DC area, and featured footage of NRA head Wayne LaPierre speaking in favor of background checks back in the ‘90s.

Mayors Against Illegal Guns is the force behind Demand a Plan, a call for citizens to speak up in favor of gun control. Demand a Plan has been hard at work since the tragedy in Newton CT, enlisting the help of mass shooting survivors and advocates for gun safety. Roxanna Green, whose daughter Christina was a victim of the Tucson shooting that also saw Gabrielle Giffords gravely injured, is one such advocate that has leant her voice to Demand a Plan’s mission. 


The Superbowl ad, a clip of which you can view below, prominently features the faces and voices of children. Mayors Against Illegal Guns seems to be doing its damnedest to move the conversation away from hyperbolic claims about trigger-happy radicals and gun-snatcing dictators, and back toward what this campaign is really about: making sure that we're building a safer country for our children. 



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