If we're to believe commercials, diverse groups of lady friends love nothing more than sitting around in yoga pants, having in-depth discussions about their two fave topics: birth control and yogurt. If you've noticed this trend, or even if you're blissfully unaware, this fake yogurt commercial from Yahoo! is a must-watch, not just because it is a damn hilarious parody of marketing ploys directed at women, then because you need (NEED) to see Weird Al’s face at the end of the vid. Pure comedy gold, I tell you.

It features an all-star cast of comedians and Twitlebrities, including Megan Amram, Retta (from Parks and Rec!), Rosa Salazar, Diane Mizota, Sonibert Rodriguez, Weird Al, and Laura Dziamba.


The vid also reminds us of Sarah Haskins' spot-on "Target Women" segments on Current, like the below yogurt-centric gem. Chug some probiotics while you watch: