We recently spread the word that HBO's Girls was changing up its season 2 cast by adding comedian/rapper/actor/pretty much everything ever Donald Glover, and now we have news that they're changing up the cast even more. This time, it's with hipsters.



Not exactly the kind of diversity the critics were talking about, but still a change of pace. It's pretty expected for the show when you consider its location (New York) and cast (post-grads and college kids). The casting call calls for "Hipster Types: male and female, 18-30s, all ethnicities, all types, specifically seeking people with tattoos, piercings, colored hair, and unique looks." So if you're feeling hip enough and you have a subscription to the casting service, head over to Backstage to submit your pics and show off your black-rimmed glasses and fixed-gear bike to be the next big thing...well, extra thing. 

(Image courtesy of HBO studios.)