Meet Kate McKinnon, the newest featured player to join Saturday Night Live's cast. In light of Paul Brittain's departure a few weeks ago, Lorne Michaels has been auditioning new cast members. With BUST crush Kristen Wiig's contract potentially ending after this season, it's pretty rad to see a new woman enter the ranks. 

 McKinnon has performed with the Upright Citizens Brigade and starred in the first three seasons of Logo's "Big Gay Sketch Show." She's Saturday Night Live's first out lesbian to join the cast in over 20 years (since Danitra Vance in 1985.) She's known for her zany characters and crazy peepers. Sounds like a pretty apt replacement for Wiig.


 Here's a pretty awful but funny Hillary Clinton impression:


 [video: 425x344]

 In my search for clips I came across Vag, her 2010 web series which chronicled the life and times of the editorial staff of a fictional, third-wave feminist magazine. Vag is staffed by a hyperbolic group of women who represent all the negative stereotypes of the modern hipster feminist. With one liners like “Take that skirt off. You look like a tool… of the patriarchy," it's pretty clear they're poking fun at magazines such as BUST. Ha ha. 

 Kate makes her SNL debut on April 7 with host Sofia Vergara. I can't wait to see how she does! 

Image source The Comics Comic

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