I have a real soft spot in my heart for female comedians (Kristen Wiig supposedly wants to adopt and I want her to know, on the very off-chance that she's reading this, that I'm available). But that soft spot gets Charmin Ultra best-wipe-your-butt's-ever-had-soft when I find female comedians who manage to make feminist and human rights issues funny. Which means Katie Goodman is currently lounging in my heart, wrapped up in a Snuggie and sitting on a bed of super-soft toilet paper.



Along with Soren Kisiel, Goodman is the co-director and co-author of the women's sketch comedy show, Broad Comedy, "tackling the right wing, abstinence-only education, soccer moms, various anatomical shenanigans, and things you should never discuss with your mother-in-law." And the Broads just released a new video on YouTube, "Probably Gay," where they hilariously discuss (through song!) the likelihood of homophobic politicians being gay themselves based on scientific studies.



[video:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1CQg9f7z9eg 425x344]


If you like them (which, unless you are probably-gay Rick Santorum, you should), and you happen to live in or near Bozeman, Montana (where they're based), they perform there all the time. But they are also often in LA, Boston, and NYC; and Katie Goodman will be in New York at the beginning of April doing her solo show, "I Didn't F*ck It Up." Visit her website for tickets and dates, or watch them from the comfort of your couch via the Broad Comedy YouTube channel.


Image source broadcomedy.com