As a kid, I never really understood the appeal of paper dolls. I needed a toy that could survive my rough and tumble antics at playtime, and the wispy slips of people-paper just couldn't keep up. In my tiny yet destructive hands, paper dolls easily (and often) became confetti.

Since I've grown up (I guess... I'm taller now, at least) I've mellowed out a little and have taken to watching online TV as an alternative to destroying my belongings. My newest Netflix addiction: Arrested Development. I started watching the show after my friends threatened to disown me if I kept missing their references to the dysfunctional Bluth family. I kept watching, though, because the crazy cast of characters proved impossible not to love. My personal favorite is pre-Whip It Alia Shawkat, who takes a turn as Maeby Funke on the show. She's the rebellious girl I always wanted to be, and her distinctly teenage angst feels oh-so-right, despite the fact that I'm now officially a couple years into my twenties.


Thanks to Etsy vendor Heartless Universe Comix, I may finally have come across paper dolls I could find the will to leave intact. The online shop's Arrested Development set includes some of the series' most popular characters and comes complete with the infamous Bluth's Original Frozen Banana Stand and the Bluth Company Staircar. At $46.99, the set is a little pricey, but for the Arrested Development superfan, it just may be the perfect splurge.

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[Images courtesy of Heartless Universe]

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