According to recent reports by Reuters and others, a yellow baboon has adopted a bush baby in an animal orphanage in Nairobi, and the  baboon is caring for the bush baby as if it is her own child. The baboon carries the bush baby around wherever it goes, and the two happily share meals together.

At least, that's one way of looking at it. Watch the video for yourself (and please do enjoy the outrageously wonderful accent of the Kenyan newscaster), and see whether you think this pairing is wholly innocent, or if, as one concerned viewer on the website Cute Overload commented, "The baboon looks like a child molester. The bush baby tried to make a break for it a few times and got pulled back. The crowds are cheering 'so cute!' while the bush baby is saying 'What is wrong with you people?! Would somebody help me get away from this red-assed creep?????!!!'"


[video: 425x344]

Photo: Reuters