Jack Black is said to be developing a new show about adolescent girls with the foreboding title of Tiny Monsters. (Apparently, the working title was Little Bitches, but, unsurprisingly, that one never got off the ground.) Working with him is Ali Rushfield, who previously wrote for Fox’s Undeclared, which was a pretty funny show with pretty weak female characters.


Why be wary? Consider the facts:
-It’s on Fox, home to the sad, sad, 21st century The Simpsons, as well as Family Guy and its never-ending supply of creepy spin-offs.
-One could also complain about the animation itself on these shows which, if I may say so, is really ugly (another area in which the 20th century-era The Simpsons once excelled) and clearly not a focus, even though animation is, of course, potentially a great medium
-Jack Black, he doesn’t care about the ladies!
-The always troublesome “mean girls” phenomena, wherein girls are framed as whining, evil, backstabbing cunts, as opposed to beings merely struggling for dominance, using the "feminine" tools deemed acceptable by a gendered society
- Kung-Fu Panda


But I guess….
-Undeclared was really funny
-I guess School of Rock was okay? I think I saw it on the VCR back in the day…
-Hey, at least it has young girls in it

-It’s too soon to tell
-Don’t get your hopes up










PHOTO COURTESY telegraph.co.uk