“Funny or Die,” Will Ferrell and Adam McKay’s infamous website has decided to take on the time-old task of convincing young people to vote. We’ve seen similar campaigns taken up in the past by the likes of P. Diddy (Vote or Die) and Sarah Silverman (The Great Schlep) but this brand new line of video installments will feature dozens of celebrities including Aziz Ansari, Alyssa Milano, Rose McGowan, Ron Livingston, Kal Penn, Gillian Jacobs and Criss Angel among others.

In a clever attempt to get the younger generation to vote in the upcoming mid-term elections, the featured celebrities point out that it only takes 10 minutes to vote. Then they provide a list of less than pleasant tasks that take around (or longer than) the same amount of time. Standing in line with a heavy box at the post office, googling your own name and cooking a kitten being among the eccentric list.


Only this short clip has been posted to the website as of yet but solo videos of each of the performers are coming soon.

Check it out: Funny or Die "10 Minutes" Clip