Recently I received a press release from a publicist asking me to share the following clip from a movie called "ITW Pathway." The film boasts a ridiculously amazing cast — including  Terrence Howard, Temple Grandin, Rufus Wainwright,  Famke Janssen, Will Shortz,  Moby, Kent Cullers, Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson, Jorgen Leth,  Dave Matthews, Alan Cumming, Rosie Perez, Aimee Mullins, Bob Mankoff and Will Oldham — and the music for it was composed by Yoko Ono.

So, what is "ITW Pathway", you ask? Well, beside it being a terrible name for a movie (ITW stands for Into The Woods, apparently), the press release describes it as so: "No one knows what the experience is about.  Each person agreed to walk into the unknown.  The journey will unfold over time.  The messages will become clear to the informed viewer.  This is unprecedented online journey that will unleash an episodic film experience.  The delivery will be as unconventional as the experience itself. " Everything else about the movie is a big secret, no other details can be given out, even the director's name can't be given out (although I think some details have already been posted on Wikipedia or whatever).


It does sound like a bunch of malarkey, I'll admit, but this "online journey" does have a nice website, and with these folks involved promises to be.. well...something, at least. Anyone want to guess what this is going to be?


[click twice on the video below to make it start if you don't see a controller]



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