Watch out America, she’s clean and sober! 

Regardless of how you feel about the never-ending train wreck that is Courtney Love, I promise her Behind The Music is totally worth the two hours of your time. 


Speaking candidly about her messed-up childhood, custody battles, numerous stints in rehab, and what it felt like to be deemed Nirvana’s Yoko Ono, I couldn’t help but find her unnervingly captivating.  

Perhaps that’s because it was the first time I’ve heard Courtney talk without her slurring all her words or inexplicably flashing her genitals.  

It turns out, she’s quite a interesting gal. With VH1 having devoted a whole extra hour to her life, you’re guaranteed to learned a lot of things you never knew about her.  

Like that Courtney has a nose fetish, for instance. 

Right now she’s in the midst of a summer tour with 6 more U.S shows left.


So could it be that we’re in for a Courtney comeback?

 Depending on her sobriety, I think it’s very well possible. As a friend put it: “she’s like a cockroach.” 

The question is, is she a cockroach that you’re hoping will just go away at this point? 


Behind The Music: Courtney Love will be airing again on Vh1 tomorrow night @ 11 p.m. The full episode is also available online. 



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