I only selectively like South Park.  This is for many reasons; One) It's racist, classist and sexist.  Two) I'm a ginger and they told me I didn't have a soul (I'M A CHRISTIAN, I HAVE A SOUL OKAY.)  Three) I do not wish to go directly to hell when I die.  That said, South Park occasionally provides a cringe-worthy and sometimes hilarious social commentary that people need to hear. 
I was forced to watch South Park recently when a friend decided to forget how to work his TiVo, not tape Glee and offer South Park as a consolation show (WRONG MOVE JOEY. YOU SHALL FACE MY WRATH FOREVER!)  Once I was done hurling every object in the room at him, I settled in begrudgingly to watch South Park and numb my mind from my Glee withdrawals.  (stupidjoey)
The episode was about Tiger Woods and sex addiction.  Now, there's all kinds of problems in this episode: most notably there's a GTA type video game in which Tiger's wife beats him with a golf club.  Domestic violence isn't funny.  But listing all the ways in which South Park is unfeminist gives me a headache so let's just agree- South Park is unfeminist and trashy.  But for right now, I just want to talk about an interesting point they brought up: What the fuck is up with assuming because someone has lots of sex, they are a sex addict?
I know sex addiction may be a real thing and may be real problem for real people.  That's not what I'm talking about.  I'm talking about Tiger Woods having a lot of opportunities to have sex and taking advantage of them and then having to check into rehab for sex addiction.  And Tiger's not the only one- clearly anyone famous who has sex with multiple partners is a sex addict.  You know who you are guys:  Michael Douglas, Mel B (Scary Spice), Bill Clinton.  Yeah, and that's just the beginning.
This is going to sound crazy but....people like having sex.  It's fun.  And when you're rich and famous and hot, it's a lot easier to have lots of sex with lots of people and a lot easier for the media to find out about it.  Maybe Scary Spice isn't addicted to sex....maybe she just likes having it.  Maybe our obsession with labeling everyone who fucks a "sex addict" is just puritanical residue and general unease with people physically realizing the act of sex.  Or maybe our hypersexualized visual culture is an indication that we're ALL sex addicts and we live in a sex addicted culture.  God forbid someone ACT on that addiction though (and get caught doing it.)
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