team transform me“Transform Me,” the latest entry in the crowded reality TV show market, may actually bring something new to the field. Each half-hour episode features a subject badly in need of a makeover—inside and out. Who better to perform this task than three women who grew up feeling that the person they were on the inside didn’t match the person they were on the outside. That’s right, this time the fearless makeover team is comprised of three transgender women, led by Laverne Cox (formerly featured on VH1's "I Want To Work For Diddy") with Jamie Clayton and Nina Poon.

What's to love about this show is how it blends high camp with high drama. The ladies travel around the country in an ambulance with a disco ball inside it. They twirl and coo and aren’t afraid to be bitchy. But these moments are interspersed with cutaways that show what they’re all about.



“We've taken extraordinary steps to bring who we are on the inside…out, and we're committed to helping other women do the same thing.  If we can do it, anyone can!" Cox says.

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Mondays at 10:30pm on VH1. Or you can see here how it works.

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