Let's start this thing off with a little honesty:  Yeah, I did go to Economy Candy and buy wax vampire fangs to wear during the season finale of True Blood on HBODidn't you?

I guess what I'm really saying is that, for some of us, the wait for Season Three seems like a long one.  But since America's favorite politically-charged-Southern-Gothic-vampire-soap-opera won't return to television til June, here's something else to look forward to.  Comic book company Bluewater Productions is hard at work on its latest entry in the "Female Force" line of comics: an illustrated biography of True Blood creator Charlaine Harris.  According to their press release, Bluewater's "Female Force: Charlaine Harris" "will trace the writer's career from the publication of [her first mystery novels] to the phenomenon of her vampire-infused Sookie Stackhouse stories," the popular book series upon which Alan Ball's True Blood is based.  Speaking of vampire infusions, a Charlaine Harris biography seems only fair, as that other purveyor of addictive vampire fiction (Stephanie Myers, of course) already has a Bluewater biopic dedicated to her.


I'd never heard of "Female Force" comics, but they got a lot of press a little while back for a set of comic biographies designed as a "broad examination of strong women in politics."  Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama, Caroline Kennedy, Condeleezza Rice, Sarah Palin, and, interestingly enough, Princess Diana of Wales all had their life stories illustrated.  Although its subjects are wildly different, "Female Force" as a whole makes a point of heroizing real-life ladies who have made some lasting impact on society and culture (or pop culture.  Or my choice in teeth-wear).  And that in itself might be reason to check em out while you wait for June.


Photo courtesy of Bluewater Productions




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