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Who knew Ru still had it? RuPaul, that is. While the MAC spokesperson/dragqueen extraordinaire has been low key, RuPaul has without a doubt, emerged by reviving reality competition shows by adding her flair and fabulousness to pop culture once again, by introducing 'RuPaul's Drag Race,' on the Logo network.

RuPaul's Drag Race strangely (yet not surprisingly) rings a bit of familiarity with similarities to 'America's Next Top Model, down to Tyra Banks' weave. But the show differs in many ways; the men competing to be America's next drag queen walk (ok, strut), talk (ok, sexy talk), and are more feminine than some of the best of us.

We should be insulted that these beautiful men can pull it off better than some of us women. But at the same time, with stage names like 'Ongina' (who doesn't 'wear wigs, padding or tuck'), 'Rebecca Glasscock' (with a 'soft voice,' but is a 'competitive queen'), and 'Shannel' (the Las Vegas showgirl with a 'killer body, dazzling wardrobe, and truckloads of confidence') the diva in us comes out and we root for our favorite and fierce queens.


RuPaul adds her own personal touch by having those at risk of being sent home to 'lipsync for their life, and don't fuck it up!' Those who are not hanging by a string are saved by a 'Chante, you stay' and those who are not saved, 'Sashay...away.'

As with all reality TV competitions go, the contestants have weekly challenges and one by one, are eliminated until the finale. If you missed this first season's finale (or want to watch all the past episodes) of the show, go to the logo site . Once you watch them all, you'll be saying 'Chante, you stay!' to 'RuPaul's Drag Race.' --Regina

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