Melissa McCarthy hosted Saturday Night Live for the fifth time on Saturday, and of course, she had to bring back her impression of Sean Spicer after his latest hiding in - I’m sorry, AMONG - the bushes fiasco.

Videos of McCarthy-as-Spicer zooming around Midtown on her motorized podium flooded the internet on Friday, and the actual sketch was just as good as we hoped.


The sketch begins with Aidy Bryant as Sarah Huckabee Sanders leading a press conference, while Spicer hides AMONG the bushes and watches - before interrupting with props including a fire extinguisher and a set of Russian nesting dolls to explain Comey’s firing.

But best of all is the part where McCarthy-as-Spicer zooms around New York looking for Trump as Simon and Garfunkel plays mournfully in the background - especially the moment she stops to eat a piece of old gum.

Oh, and yeah, she kisses Alec Baldwin-as-Trump, too.

Watch the sketch below.


Image: SNL

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