In this week's Full Frontal, Samantha Bee explores the captivating prose of Ivanka Trump's Women Who Work, an "initiative celebrating women who work at all aspects of their lives." Cool. 

But Amazon reviews call Women Who Work "the literary and philosophical equivalent of Laffy Taffy." User M.D. Couturier writes, "No kidding, I’ve read pop-up books that contained more insight into the human condition."


And in keeping with the misogynistic spirit of the Trump administration, Ivanka's self-help book aims to inspire women not through personal testimony, nor cited studies, nor original advice from Ivanka herself. Rather, Women Who Work reduces the inspirational manual format to over 208 "inspirational quotes" presented in a multitude of pretty fonts. Thank you so much, Ivanka, for literally just printing out your favorite Pinterest board! 

Ivanka's book argues that to "architect" a life we love, we must "make [our] mark at [our] company and [our] industry." Samantha Bee argues that "architect" is a noun. 

Check it out below. 

Top photo: Screenshot/Youtube


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