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Yellowjackets, the Emmy-nominated psychological-thriller series, is officially returning to Showtime later this month for the long-anticipated second season. The story, inspired by Lord of the Flies, follows an all-girl group of high school soccer players who get stranded in the Canadian wilderness after their plane crashes on the way to nationals.

Not only do we get to see the horror and depravity (read: possible cannibalism) of survival play out over ten-episodes, we also follow the present day lives of the survivors, 25 years after the fact.


The official second-season trailer confirms that trauma and nightmares aren’t the only things the girls brought back to civilization. Supernatural and occult-like forces are still impacting the lives of the survivors, and in season two, they are facing the forces head on. 

(Spoilers ahead!)

Last season we met young Lottie (Courtney Eaton), a wealthy and talented player on the WHS Yellowjackets. Once stranded in the woods her medication supply starts to dwindle, and strange things begin to happen. She hears voices and has visions, she gets possessed at seances and has premonitions that keep coming true. 


By the end of the season, audiences (just about) confirmed that young Lottie was the “Antler Queen,” the group’s cult-like leader who kills bears and makes deadly sacrificial offerings in order to commune with the wilderness for a hope of survival. 

Adults Shauna (Melanie Lynskey), Misty (Christina Ricci), Natalie (Juliette Lewis), and Taissa (Tawny Cypress) led the present-day timeline throughout season one. The season two trailer reveals that they meet up with another adult survivor, Van (Lauren Ambrose), and start the journey to track down Lottie (Simone Russell, introduced in season two),  just to learn she is still up to her old tricks. 

Backed by Florence + The Machine’s haunting cover of No Doubt’s I’m Just a Girl, a teary adult Lottie tells the group, “I thought we left it [the darkness] there when we were rescued. But now I realize, we brought it back with us.”

The second season of Yellowjackets premieres on Friday, March 24 for Showtime subscribers and will air on the network on Sunday, March 26 at 9 p.m. EST.

Top Image: Kailey Schwerman/Showtime

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