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Right now, everyone’s obsessed with Pose, which got me wondering about the zodiac signs of our most beloved TV characters. That’s why I took a deep dive into their personalities to think about how the stars in the sky aligned when our favorite voguers were born.



Ricky Wintour uses his determination to elevate his career throughout Pose. His passionate resolve to work hard and become a member of the House of Evangelista made him a diehard Aries. 


Veronica Ferocity works in a clothing store and the dance floor of the balls with style and grace—just like a Venusian goddess. She doesn’t play any games and is straightforward, like a true Taurus. 


Judy Kubrak is a mouthy nurse who will go to any lengths to help her patients. Much like the star sign Gemini, she has two sides to her—and both are aimed to heal others (emotionally and physically).  

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Blanca Evangelista is the mama of the House and exemplifies the ideal maternal characteristics by giving unconditional love to her family. She may make some mistakes, but she supports her kids through thick and thin—even if that means showing them tough love.


There’s no doubt that Elektra Wintour is the Leo of the ball! She is a fierce diva who wins almost every competition—demanding the attention of others at all times. Just like the sign of Leo, Elektra has a rarely seen tender heart of gold. 


Candy Ferocity—rest in peace—patiently waited for her time to bask in the spotlight throughout the series. She had a fierce temper when pushed, but only because she was a sensitive soul, like the astrological sign of Virgo. 

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Pray Tell is the ultimate Libra. As the judge of the balls, he’s diplomatic, fierce, and funny. Using his wit to be the host with the most makes him a divine Venusian treasure. 

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Helena St. Rogers is the strong-willed teacher who doesn’t take anyone’s shit – she pushes her dance students to the limits 24/7. Her desire to transform others makes her the best suited to be a Scorpio sun. 


Papi Evangelista is a hustler—with the purest and truest of intentions. He stepped out of line in his House a few times, but he slings his arrows only at those who shade his loved ones, which is why he’s represented by honorable yet rowdy Sagittarius. 

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From the moment Damon Evangelista arrived in NYC, he lived off of his determination to be a dancer. Under the influence of his mother, Blanca, he is able to stay on track to pursue his dreams. Damon’s hard work and persistence are aligned with the sign of Capricorn. 


Lulu Ferocity’s observant and cool nature makes her a total Aquarius. She has a compassionate side (much like the zodiac sign Aquarius) that allows her to be loyal to her friends—even through their differences. 


Angel Evangelista is a compassionate and sympathetic person, who loves love (don’t we all). Angel also has a beautiful soul—both on the inside and outside—and offers support as the second mother to the House of Evangelista. 

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