Samantha Bee's latest video is dedicated to figuring out what the hell Ivanka Trump will be doing these next four years.

Ivanka was recently given an official government position — Assistant to the President — and an office in the West Wing.

So, what exactly does 'Assistant to the President' entail?

According to MSNBC, 'Ivanka will be the eyes and ears in the White House,' to which Bee responds, 'If Ivanka's supposed to be her dad's eyes, she'll be spending a lot of time staring at her own boobies.'

But Ivanka's new position is best described in one of Bee's final statements:

“Ivanka’s new job is the same as her old job: pushing her dad’s dodgy agenda with a smile, which she was doing back when Kellyanne was still dreamily pretending to lie to Jake Tapper in her bedroom mirror.”

Top photo: Screenshot/Youtube

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