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Master of None may be on our TV shit-list, thanks to Aziz Ansari’s sexual misconduct, but viewers who enjoyed Lena Waithe’s Emmy-winning writing can rejoice, as she has a new TBS comedy series in the works that looks downright amazing.

According to Deadline, Twenties follows Hattie, a queer, black, twenty-something and her two straight best friends, Marie and Nia, through their trials and tribulations with friendships, sex, and romance. Written in 2009 when Waithe was in her twenties, the show is true to the twenty-something experience, replete with big talk, big dreams, and big mistakes. “I always wanted to tell a story where a queer black woman was the protagonist. Queer black characters have been the sidekick for long enough; it’s time for us to finally take the lead,” Waithe said in an interview with Variety. The first black women to win an Emmy for comedy writing, and the creator of a new Showtime drama, The Chi, Waithe is certainly taking the lead by adding Twenties to her roster, paving the way for queer black women in television.


TBS hasn’t shared the show’s release date yet, but when they do, we’ll definitely be the first to gush about it. Until then, you can sate yourself with some other TBS gems—I suggest Full Frontal With Samantha Bee.

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