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In case you have been too busy building your nuclear fallout shelter to keep up with the good things that are happening in pop culture, BUST is here to tell you that the reigning queens of comedy, Pheobe Robinson and Jessica Williams, are bestowing upon us mere plebeians the ultimate winter gift: a 2 Dope Queens four-part comedy special set to air on HBO beginning on February 2nd. That’s right. You will be able to watch 8 hours of the “dopest queens to ever queen in the history of queening” from the comfort of your own throne (aka bed) very, very soon.


Released earlier this week, HBO’s teaser trailer is, of course, hilarious. And it includes a little bit of everything — race, hair, pop culture — these ruling ladies cover in their comedy-show podcast 2 Dope Queens. Like the podcast, which you can read about here and, if you haven’t already, start listening to immediately  here, the comedy special will feature other comedians and actors, including, as reported by Entertainment Weekly, Jon Stewart, Sarah Jessica Parker, Tituss Burgess, and Uzo Aduba. To top it all off, the special is directed by Tig Notaro. All in all, it promises to be nothing less than mind-blowingly good.

Top Photo courtesy of HBO


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