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In the latest episode of Broad City, Abbi and Ilana deal with every city-dweller's worst nightmare: bedbugs. Recappers Danielle and Lindsay react:

When Abbi and Ilana were diving in their convertible:


Danielle: They’re coming back from Florida!

Lindsay: This is the first episode that’s bled into another episode.

Danielle: I guess that’s right… Isn’t it too cold to have the top down?

Lindsay: If you have it, you do it.

Danielle: Driving in New York sucks.

Lindsay: That’s how I felt when I moved to Philly.

Danielle: Yeah, everywhere you go you get towed.

Lindsay: Like five times!

When Abbi tries to return her Dunkaroos:


Danielle: Did she get them from Florida? Why didn’t she eat her fucking Dunkaroos. WHY ISN’T ABBI EATING THEM?

Lindsay: I still don’t understand how she got Dunkaroos.

When Ilana gives Lincoln a dog:

Lindsay: That is irresponsible. You don’t give animals as gifts.

Danielle: Unless it’s to me.


Pooping in Barnes & Noble:

Danielle: Why is that a thing?

Lindsay: Pooping at Barnes & Noble? I don’t think it’s a thing.

Danielle: I think I heard this on a podcast. Maybe Abbi mentioned it on a podcast. Maybe it was Illana’s podcast.

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When Ilana gives Abbi an expensive purse:

Danielle: I don’t want to make too many judgements here, but wouldn’t it be better if she gave it toward rent?

Lindsay: Sometimes people like things. It boosts her confidence.

Danielle: If she has two months of rent, she has more time to spend on art. But where did Abbi get this money from?

Lindsay: Her grandma.

Danielle: But how did she have so much money?

Lindsay: Because she lived in Florida and invested widely.

Danielle: How long do you think it will take for Ilana to spend all her money?

 When Ilana gets bedbugs:

Lindsay: Oh god.

Danielle: I think this is going to traumatize me.

Lindsay: When I was 11 years old, a spider’s nest hatched in my room and there were thousands of spiders on my ceiling.

Danielle: Did you know stores that sell stuff that gets rid of bedbugs are more likely to get bed bugs?

Lindsay: Whoa. Hold on. Let me me process this.

Danielle: How do people get rid of bed bugs?

Lindsay: You burn everything.

Danielle: Really? I don’t think that’s what they do.

Lindsay: You have to burn everything they touch.

Danielle: I don’t think that what you do.

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When Abbi is mugged:

Lindsay: Holy shit, it’s Steve Buscemi!

Danielle: Oh no, he’s going to steal that bag.

Lindsay: And then she won’t be good enough for Anthropologie.

Danielle: He’s gonna be like why bother.

Lindsay: This is my favorite cameo of the season.

Danielle: Wouldn’t it just be easier to rob the store?

When the girl at the bodega scares Steve Buscemi away with a rifle:

Lindsay: She’s never going to be able to exchange her Dunkaroos ever after this.

Danielle: I still don’t understand why she would do that in the first place.

When Lincoln won’t let Ilana in because of their dog:

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Lindsay: Oh, he’s right. I’d never let anyone with bedbugs near my d...

Danielle: This dog! He is so cute. Lookit. Lookit. Lookit.

When Abbi lets Ilana stay with her:

Lindsay: Abbi is going to let her in because it’s a lesson that Abbi is the only person who truly loves Ilana.

Danielle: If either of us get bedbugs that’s what we’ll have to do.

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When Abbi starts her first day at Anthropologie:

Lindsay: Is being an Anthropologie employee something to aspire to?

Danielle: Oh, she’s going to be an unpaid intern.

Both: Security!

Lindsay: Does Anthropologie even need security?

Danielle: It’s expensive.

Lindsay: So much that they need security?

Danielle: It’s expensive! It’s more than Urban Outfitters!

After the episode:

Danielle: What happened to the car?

Lindsay: This was such an important episode.


Images via Broad City/Comedy Central

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