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Clea DuVall, best known for her performances as secret service agent Marjorie on Veep and doctor Lara Cruz on Better Call Saul, as well as '90s faves like But I'm A Cheerleader and Girl, Interrupted, has been announced as a key member of The Handmaid's Tale cast in season two. DuVall will play Sylvia, Emily's (Alexis Bledel) wife and co-parent to their son, in Hulu's Emmy-winning drama.


As fans already know, when the Gilead regime takes control of America, Offred (Elisabeth Moss) attempts to escape to Canada but faces even more oppression. According to star Elisabeth Moss in an interview with The Pool, "Season two is going to be bad too, really dark — it's going to get worse."

DuVall is the first new actor announced for season two, although Alexis Bledel and Amanda Brugel (Rita) were recently promoted to series regulars after guest-starring in the debut season. Samira Wiley is also confirmed to return as Moira. So far we do not have a release date for season two, but it will premiere sometime in 2018. Prepare yourself for the return of this all-too-real dystopian drama.

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