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Amy Sedaris’ new Tru TV series At Home With Amy Sedaris is no doubt going to be a break-out hit this year since no one can stop talking about it! You can also see Sedaris from our newest edition of BUST Magazine, where she explains the proper technique for chopping wood, hiding from bears, and how to build a fire (pro tip: lighter fluid). She’s been all over our TV screens recently, from BoJack Horseman to Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt – you could recognize her sharp wit anywhere.

She will not be your new Martha Stewart inspiration, instead, she’s going to be her usual crass and casual self, as she explained to Deadline. The newest trailer for the series premiere is now out, and it's funnier and more jam-packed full of stars than a monkey dressed up like an astronaut. Guest stars like Rachel Dratch, Chris Elliot and Paul Giamatti will all play characters who are exerts in their fields who help Sedaris learn more tricks of the trade. The episodes will have a theme, like love-making or cooking for one, as well as cooking fish and given good gifts that don’t get you on Grandma’s shit list.


Check out the trailer below and learn and thing or two about glue:

At Home With Amy Sedaris premieres on Tuesday October 24th on Tru TV at 10:30pm.


Photo and Video via Tru TV

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