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This week, Broad City returns with a trippy, partially-animated episode appropriately called "Mushrooms."


When they’re making the shrooms:

Lindsay: What are they making? Food or drugs?

Danielle: Are they putting the shrooms in the food?

Lindsay: I don’t know any of these names they’re saying.

Danielle: Oh no. where are they going? … oh, like a drug trip. Because “Mushrooms” is the name of the episode.

Lindsay: Ew. They just ate mushroom yogurt.

When they become cartoons:

Danielle: She has no feet! HOW ARE THEY IN PUBLIC RIGHT NOW!?

Lindsay: I don’t think Ilana’s cartoon hair is curly enough for me.

Danielle: They’re completely animated! Is it the whole episode now?!

Lindsay: What can be animated after this? Do you think they’ll be Claymation at some point?

Danielle: They’re going to turn blue in another second.

When they jumped down a tunnel:

Lindsay: Do you think the tunnel is going to take them to another planet?

Danielle: I think they’re gonna die.

Lindsay: Do you think they’re in the sewer?

Danielle: I don’t know. But there’s no water there.

Lindsay: But it looks like a sewer.

Danielle: ARE THEY IN A LITERAL RIVER!? What if they’re just in a puddle of pee?

Lindsay: What if they came out of the trip and they floated to Jersey?

Danielle: I don’t think that’s possible.

Lindsay: If a dog can win a basketball championship, they can float to Jersey.

Danielle: Wait, you mean Air Bud?

Lindsay: Yup, I do.

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When they turned into cartoon cucumbers:

Danielle: How did they become cucumbers?

Lindsay: Because they said “cool as a cucumber” and if you believe it, you can achieve it.

Danielle: You ever see that show Bananas in Pajamas? What if that’s what they turned into later?

When they’re picking out macaroons:

Danielle: Isn’t this macaroon store the one that was really popular in France and then came to New York?

Lindsay: I really don’t know much about macaroons.

 When Ilana is propositioned:

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Danielle: Threesome.

Lindsay: You totally called that.

Danielle: Are they going to have a sex scene or is it too sexy for cable? What if this isn’t real?

Lindsay: Oh no she’s going to have a threesome with different people than she thought. Or fall asleep.

Danielle: This is such a bad idea.

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When Abbi’s boss offered her a promotion:

Lindsay: Can you throw up from shrooms?

Danielle: Why?

Lindsay: What if she throws up on her boss and ruins it and gets fired?

Danielle: Is that a thing where a boss asks you to dinner after work?

Lindsay: Yeah.

Danielle: Hmm.

When they vape:

Lindsay: What happens when you mix shrooms and weed?

Danielle: Nothing good.

When Abbi killed the cat:

Danielle: Oh no!

Lindsay: This is worse than I ever expected.

Danielle: Why is it smushed?

Lindsay: Throw up would have been much better than that.

Danielle: I knew something was going to go wrong.

Lindsay: You don’t kill a pet.

Danielle: There’s no going back from that.

Lindsay: Who names a cat Amanda?

Danielle: Wait. You let cats out, right?

Lindsay: I mean, there are outdoor cats.

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