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Our October/November BUST cover gal Sarah Silverman has just released a promo (in the form of a patriotic song) for her new talk show. I Love You, America is Silverman’s new Hulu talk show where she explores America to meet people who are "un-like-minded." The show will try to move out from under the shadow of politics and focus on connecting with people who may not agree with you.

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 The musical promo addresses some big issues — especially in white feminism. While Sarah sings about loving all races and being liberal, she is constantly stopping and questioning what she is saying. In one scene, she sings about how she wishes she could be a better ally to people of color. Stopping a black woman on the street — played by the always wonderful Retta — to ask her about being an ally, Silverman is turned away and told to go take a class rather than expect people of color to take on the burden of explaining their experiences. The video ends with Silverman ranting about how Americans need to vote smarter and finishes with these lines: “I’m caring about you. I’m condescending to you.”

Let’s hope her show carries on this self-awareness and empathy which many people, not just white feminists, can enjoy and learn from.

Watch the music video now and get ready for the Thursday, Oct. 12 premiere of I Love You, America on Hulu.


Photos via Hulu.

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