SNL Sketch for the Women

Last week, SNL made headlines with a sketch of men using feminism as a pickup line. This past Saturday, the crew was back at it again with 'A Sketch for the Women,' on the theme of male feminists, this time tackling the ever-irritating trend of men mansplaining women’s issues. Host Scarlett Johansson and cast member Aidy Bryant began the sketch by explaining that they, and the entire female cast, had proudly taken the day off for A Day Without A Woman. Because the sketches are mostly written on Wednesday, they were not able to write one; instead, Beck Bennett and Kyle Mooney wrote a sketch that “features the entire female cast and includes an important conversation about women’s issues.”

Beck Bennet and Kyle Mooney, as Ace and Jake respectively, sit down for dinner with the unnamed characters played by Scarlett Johansson and Aidy Bryant. Jake is despondent, pontificating about how he saw a guy harassing a girl and it made him realize how hard it is to be a woman. In a back and forth between Ace and Jake that touches on the wage gap, portrayals of women in the media and microagressions, the two men completely ignore the female cast. “Look at this table,” Jake says dramatically as the screen pans to a table of the entire rest of the female cast minus Bryant, sitting quietly.


“I bet every single one of these girls has a story to tell,” he observes, without leaving enough time for any sort of response.

Their pontificating is punctuated by Johansson and Bryant’s repeated refrain of 'thank you for saying that,” spoken in perfect unison. Driving the point home, Ace momentarily turns a question to the women, “It’s like, what do you girls think?” Jake gives an enthusiastic “YEAH,” before cutting them off in a show of dramatic irony, “because so often women aren’t given a voice in society!” 

This post was published on March 13, 2017

Image via SNL

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