Look, if you have a BFF, you know that even though you love that bitch, sometimes you need to get some things off your chest. And what better way to air out the dirty laundry than via passive-aggressive smoothie making? Need some guidance? Broad City has you covered. We see our favorite babes mixing up millennial ingredients like kale, bee pollen (so you live forever), coconut water (like Rihanna, bitch), and maca. Don’t know what maca is? Neither does Abbi, despite the fact that Ilana has been talking about it for weeks. But this is the beauty of smoothie day. You and your friend don’t actually have to hear the resentment that’s been bottled up. You just turn on that blender and drop your petty bombs while the grinding roar muffles the shouts.

We find out that Abbi isn’t thrilled with Ilana’s lateness, no-mirror eyeshadow, or lack of daily hygiene. And, in addition to Abbi ignoring her maca jam, Ilana pops off about Abbi’s eyes glazing over while she’s recounting her dreams. Classic Abbi and classic Ilana, amirite? But if I’ve learned anything after years of failed relationships, it’s that you can’t change someone. Turns out, though, that you can use a silencing ruckus to covertly vent your grievances because, at the end of the video, Abbi and Ilana maintain that they have a perfect friendship. Ilana suggests that they should revisit smoothie day twice a year. . . or, Abbi suggests, maybe a couple of times a month. So get your maca, FaceTime your favorite boo, let shit peacefully hit the fan, and tune in together to the Broad City Season 4 premiere on August 23rd.

Smoothie game strong in the video below: 

Photo: Screenshot from Comedy Central video

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