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Saturday Night Live hasn’t been shy about their criticism of Trump, with Alec Baldwin doing a tremendous Trump impression, but this week the SNL cast brought in Melissa McCarthy to spice things up.

This week’s skit focused on press secretary Sean Spicer, and McCarthy did not hold back. Just the image of Melissa McCarthy in a neatly swept wig and suit, waving fingers and plowing gum into her mouth (in true Spicer fashion), was enough to leave you laughing. McCarthy was sure to add in some of Spicer’s trademark moves — the way he covertly mentions serious and often detrimental legislation quickly after something positive and "fluffy." The small details also made the skit more accurate and hilarious, like Spicer’s constant jumbling of words.


Of course, it wouldn’t be a true Spicer impression without the not-so-artful dodging of questions and outward disdain for the New York Times and CNN (who is in a jail cell in the corner). McCarthy goes as far in her skit as to ram a Wall Street Journal reporter with her podium when asked “Are you okay?” The ramming was accompanied by Spicer yelling, “You like that dork?!” which is something we wouldn’t be surprised in actually hearing.

Kate McKinnon’s quick cameo as Betsy DeVos was like the icing on the cake. Highlighting not only DeVos’ inexperience but flat-out lack of knowledge of the public school system was priceless — also McKinnon has the DeVos blank stare down pat.

SNL did not disappoint to say the least. Melissa McCarthy makes us want to watch the next White House press conference just in case Spicer wants to take a few tips from the skit and pull out a water gun of his own. Check out the skit here:


Top photo: SNL

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