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Added to the list of things too dirty for network TV is, apparently, period sex. The CW refused to air a scene in Rachel Bloom’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend that featured a ballad dedicated to period sex. The show is no stranger to hot-topic feminist issues and often covers them with humor and wit. Rachel Bloom, the writer, co-star and creator of the show, tweeted about the song and the CW’s refusal to air it — she, of course, posted the song and music video online instead.

Screen Shot 2017 02 01 at 4.36.56 PMVia Twitter/@Racheldoesstuff
With a catchy chorus and video featuring a waterfall wall of blood, it’s sure to catch your eye. Bloom delivers witty lines like, “It’s a little gross, but I’m less likely to get pregnant during period sex” that make you wanna sing along.


Maybe play this in the background of your next period sexcapade to get the mood going:

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Photos via Youtube/@Racheldoesstuff

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