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This weekend's Saturday Night Live Christmas episode featured a sketch in which Kate McKinnon appears as Hillary Clinton holding cue-cards a la Love Actually asking (or pleading for dear God) an elector, played by Cecily Strong, not to vote for Trump. The sketch was a warming portrayal of Clinton as concerned citizen attempting to level with the elector as cards read, “BUT I STILL CARE ABOUT THIS COUNTRY," “YOU DON’T EVEN HAVE TO VOTE FOR ME," "JUST VOTE FOR LITERALLY ANYONE ELSE.” She then presents a check for a thousand dollars — the fine an elector would incur in this case.

After fast-forwarding through cards that outline her qualifications, she then unfolds a 16 point litany of Trump’s shortcomings (to put it generously — 'tis the season after all), including his precocious provocation of China and his refusal to attend security briefings. As "Silent Night" plays in the background, Hillary is about to take her gracious leave, receding back into hiding, but not before reminding the voter and the audience that, “IF DONALD TRUMP BECOMES PRESIDENT," “HE WILL KILL US ALL.”

From your sharpie to the Electoral Colleges’ ears, McKinnon!




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